Rangers sack rumours begin following Gio comments

Rangers sack rumours begin following Gio comments
Gio being VERY honest with reporter....

There’s been two high-profile sackings in football in the past few months which really caught Ibrox Noise’s attention:

Scott Parker and Thomas Tuchel.

Parker was dumped because he slagged off the squad at Bournemouth, saying he didn’t have the tools at his disposal to cope with the PL.

Tuchel’s comments, very similar, were surprising in light of what happened with Parker. He was given his marching orders not long after.

And of course our former boss Steven Gerrard did the same last summer – he slagged off his squad saying he didn’t have the money to compete in the UCL.

So it was with surprise that Gio did the same thing again himself last night – he attacked the squad and said the club can’t compete in the UCL, just as Gerrard had, in a message to the board.

The same man pre-match who bullishly had his side ready for the occasion.

Unsurprisingly the rumours this morning claim he’s either resigning or being fired, but those rumours are borne from the fact he’s mirrored Gerrard, Parker and Tuchel in attacking his squad.

And if you attack the board, indirectly, your job is on the line. That is a fact.

And if you do it deliberately, it sounds like you want fired.

Why did Gio do this? Did he not feel supported in the window? Is he forced to play Connor Goldson (we support his pain here)?

Whatever is wrong at Ibrox, Gio is someone who chooses his words VERY carefully – and for him to have said this is a very damning attack on the board.

Ibrox Noise’s Derek believes this squad can compete at UCL level, but the rest of us aren’t sure.

That clearly includes Gio.

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  1. His comments were a massive insult to his squad and a threat to it’s unity despite whatever truths lie behind them. The coach is supposed to be the glue that holds them together through thick and thin and he has put a wedge firmly between them. I think he will be gone by next week.

  2. How can he stay hes just called his team duds,that are no good for champions league,
    How will the players feel,they wont play for him surely he must go

  3. I did think for such a diplomatic ,measured and lets face it rather dull man during interviews ,It was a rather controversial thing to say ,and perhaps trying to put the cat amongst the pigeons .Ged criticized the boards spending to the media and I kinda knew the writing was on the wall after that ,especially with the boards attitude to media .If we lose at weekend I think he will be away ,still cannot believe how quickly it has unravalled , i genuinley thought he was doing a good job ,till he brought in his own signings and let some players go .
    Just shows you how quickly this game can change ,and how important signings are to a managers reign .

  4. I agree he will be gone very soon . But let’s not excuse the board here. I’m a proud Rangers Shareholder and Season Ticket holder and was bemused to being really angry at our poor transfer strategy this season start . Who ever comes in will have to use what is there until January …its a mess

  5. Fans need to get real he’s doing a great job with limited resources he’s right when he says you need to spend realy big money to play with the big boys scottish football will never be at that level .we have been far behind celtic (the only other club in scottish football ) for several years now .and to get to where we are is some achievement it is a long process but we will arrive and reach the same level as celtic in a few years

    • James you seem to have forgotten about our 55 season when Celtic were left in our wake by 25 points and at that point we were far ahead of Celtic. I agree, a fantastic achievement from where we were. Admittedly we struggled for form at the start last season but Gerrard left us 6 points clear of Celtic, having already beaten them AGAIN (7 undefeated). It took us 3 seasons to get that far ahead and we seem to have went back 2 years in the last few months. That regression is down to Gio. His players, his tactics, his team selection.

  6. Well said JamesCowie,we must be realistic our team and manager have been rightly praised for their quality until.recently but are now facing a higher quality abroad,(and even at home where the greens have improved dramatically). Two bad results are only a pointer to what we have to strive for.Given time and a fully fit squad I feel G V B will provide the results we want

  7. I actually agree with Derek. We cant go from beating some of the best sides in Europe in the run to final last year to this within months. Yes it was in the E.L but these were still top sides we were beating ones tht could easily beat Ajax. So somethings happened. Or a mix of bad recruitment and letting wrong players go.

  8. I’m not a bit surprised by his comments, because I think he is playing his ticket because he can’t hack managing G.R.F.C. I think he will be going out the door very soon. I hope we bring in a manager who really knows his stuff because he is certainly going to need it.

  9. He just wants the team to give him a hundred percent if you can’t tell the truth its a waste of time and wots happen at ibroxs just now whith park’s shit and its all true

  10. Personally my interest in this campaign was gone on transfer deadline day. These last 2 ‘gubbings’ are a result of this board and their unwillingness to spend. They are, or were, of the mindset that because we made it to the Europa league final in May that this squad was good enough for the UCL as well! What a load of utter crap as the last 2 results prove. If the ordinary lifelong fan such as myself could see the writing on the wall with the lack of signings and the sales of our quality in the summer thence surely the board are completely out of touch with the reality of competition they are up against from across the city for a start,never mind the Champion’s league. I knew before the draw that we needed at least 5-6 quality signings so that Gio could compete against Celtic,never mind Ajax,Liverpool and Napoli. I fear for the club if the decision makers upstairs are so completely out of touch with reality that they thought because we had been Europa league finalists in May they were good enough to compete in the Champions league. I would love to hear their explanation’s for their diabolical inability to dip their hands in their pockets and spend money on such a threadbare squad. You don’t need a high IQ to realise money had to be spent on a squad who brilliantly overachieved last season. It’s obvious GVB knew this as soon as the transfer window closed but he couldn’t hide it any longer than Wednesday night and I fully understand how gutted he must feel. He’s an intelligent man who has been let down by less intelligent men who sadly for the Rangers ‘family’ are completely out of touch with the level of quality we are up against. I despair at the thought of what is lying in wait for us. We are the people. 💙

  11. It is not the manager who should be sacked he was telling the truth the players should be ashamed of themselves only one of the present team has achieved what the manager has achieved.

  12. The board at Ibrox need to spend money or are they willing to wait another 8 years playing second fiddle
    To them lot along the road not on your belly.
    Maybe Gio wants sacked why stay at a club that’s got no intention of bringing in new players unless
    There for free , New manager no new board that would work fine for me.

  13. He had inherited a team that got to the europa league final. I knew the writing ws on the wall after Easter Rd when he was banging on about his leadership group that he discussed morelos with. He has caused a split in the dressing room and the players that he has brought in have been mediocre at best. Players that are in treatment that we needed for champions league games the only on to impress being čolak who was spotted by Ross Wilson

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