Rangers must honour the Queen with improvement

Rangers must honour the Queen with improvement
A mark of respect for Her Majesty (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers’ confirmation this weekend’s planned trip to Aberdeen is postponed comes as no shock, amid the nation’s grief for Her Majesty.

In truth, in some ways it gives the squad and manager a bit of time to both gather themselves after a horrendous period of results and performances, and reflect upon Her Majesty’s life and legacy, and maybe use her incredible reign as a bit of inspiration to up their own performances.

Few in history have had the influence, respect, admiration and honour of the Queen, her period as sovereign second only in history to Louis XIV who was throned at the age of 4, and if our players needed a real piece of inspiration to finally get going, Elizabeth II is about as good as they could possibly ask for.

While in no way are we trivialising such a momentous figure’s passing by relating it to football, nevertheless Rangers have been poor lately and using her legacy as guidance we’d like to see them honour her properly with improved performances and workrate.

Yes, few ever had the sheer guile and graft of the Queen, who until her very last breath was signing in Prime Ministers. She was dedicated to her country, to serving her people, and if our players and management cannot take inspiration and fuel from that, they are not fit for their jerseys.

All they do is run about kicking a ball, she served 60M people – and she did it without fault, inconsistency, or complaint.

Hopefully our squad and management look at that portrait in the dressing room and honour it when football resumes, because the least she deserves are the most privileged of her subjects showing even half her work ethic.

May She Rest In Peace.

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