Rangers fans make decision on Jon McLaughlin

Rangers fans make decision on Jon McLaughlin
Glasgow Rangers' Scottish goalkeeper Jon McLaughlin reacts during the UEFA Europa League Group D football match between Lech Poznan and Rangers FC in Poznan, Poland, on December 10, 2020. (Photo by Adam JASTRZEBOWSKI / AFP) (Photo by ADAM JASTRZEBOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

After yesterday’s big question, should Jon McLaughlin remain in Rangers’ goal, we produced a poll for you to give your verdict.

You responded and here are the results:

Should Jon McLaughlin remain in Rangers’ goal:





It’s unequivocal. Admittedly the sample size was around 1000 but we could have left it running for months and it wouldn’t have changed the percentages.

We put a social media poll out about McLaughlin, and the replies from so many kept evading that question, claiming ‘there were another 10 players out there’ as if it was their fault McLaughlin not only assisted Celtic but got embarrassingly nutmegged too.

We certainly aren’t blaming McLaughlin for how we played, don’t be silly, but he’s hugely culpable for at least two, maybe three of the goals shipped, even if the defence didn’t help much. A great goalie might have saved their blushes, as McGregor used to. A not so good one would ship several, such as Jak Alnwick all those years ago (and he at LEAST managed 3 big saves in that one).

And it seems the massive silent majority agrees there. It doesn’t matter that there were another 10 players out there, the goalie failed on his basic bread and butter, and needs removed.

Not his fault, he’s in over his head. It’s Gio’s mistake.

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  1. Yes Mclaughlin has to be gone he’s a disgrace, he embarrassed us in front of that lot GVB needs to be as ruthless with him and Kamara too they disgrace and disrespect our team.
    The more I look at GVBs previous Feyanord and Chinese league stats I’m really concerned . He seems to keep persisting with players and systems that don’t work. European football is a lot more like his Dutch way of playing which is probably why we are successful , but it will all be pointless apart from the financial bonus unless we win the fucking league folks

  2. On a different subject I’m surprised you’ve not commented about this farce with the SPFL again . Our PR is as far down the drain as its always been as those twats at the green leaning league set up paint the picture of us as the bad guys all the fucking time . Not good .

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