Mark Hateley is very worried about Rangers’ summer recruitment

Mark Hateley is very worried about Rangers’ summer recruitment
Hateley today...

Rangers legend Mark Hateley is extremely worried about the club and thinks the summer window cost the club any kind of credible fist at the Champions League.

Speaking to OLBG and Ibrox Noise, Hateley expressed major concerns, as we have, about what we secured this summer, and thinks better planning and execution during the summer would have given Rangers a fighting chance in Group A.

He said:

“Based on recruitment through the summer I would say Rangers aren’t good enough for the Champions League.”

Pretty blunt.

He goes on though:

“Two outstanding players left the club, they haven’t been replaced in Calvin Bassey and Joe Aribo. If you want to be competitive in the Champions League you have to hang on to your best players and add to the best players but unfortunately, it’s not like that and the club had to sell players to survive through the summer and then reinvest that money into other players.”

While Rangers spent more than any window since 2009, nevertheless we also had a much bigger budget and could have spent far more than the £14M we shelled out. Equally, as Hateley said, we lost big players and didn’t replace them with anything like the same quality.

Davies and Yilmaz replaced Bassey and have been a disaster, while Tillman replaced Aribo and has struggled in recent matches.

And clearly Hateley, who has always been fair and supportive towards his former side, is more than concerned at it.

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