Italian legend admits Rangers ‘one of the hardest’ in Europe

Italian legend admits Rangers ‘one of the hardest’ in Europe
FLORENCE, ITALY - APRIL 09: Alessandro Del Piero poses for a photo during an Italian Football Federation Hall Of Fame event on April 9, 2018 in Florence, Italy. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

We must admit we not only loved Alessandro Del Piero’s comments recently, but we appreciated the sincerity of them.

This is, of course, a Juventus and Italy legend, so he considers Napoli a rival side, and he had incredible words of praise for the Naples giants:

“What a fantastic victory that was at one of the hardest places in Europe to get a win.”

To see one of the most respected figures of all time in world football call Rangers and Ibrox one of the hardest grounds in Europe shows not only what a job Napoli actually did, but the respect Rangers had from last season’s incredible exploits at Ibrox in Europe.

He went on:

“Winning at Ibrox is doubly difficult so Napoli deserves enormous credit for doing that. It was a very hard game at Rangers but Napoli were excellent. They are the best team in Italy at the moment.”

This was just brutal truth from Del Piero – as a Juve legend he will hate seeing anyone else at the top of the Italian tree, and of course his old Turin stomping ground have completely fallen apart the past couple of seasons, with Milan taking the title last time and Napoli topping the table as things stand (Juve are well down in 8th).

But he was honest to say not only are Napoli the best in Italy at present, but that Rangers are one of the hardest grounds in Europe to go to and win.

Indeed, before Napoli, the last side from the continent to win in Govan were Lyon in September last year amid Steven Gerrard’s failing regime. Since then, it’s all wins or draws.

No wonder Del Piero was so gushing.

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  1. SG Was A Joke when He arrived at ibrox as our New manager he Said he Was proud to Be At a Club of Rangers Fc’s Size and what most Rangers Fan’s Didn’t know About him Was That he wasn’t even qualified to be Rangers Manager as he hadn’t even taken the Course to get his management Badge’s And That it was Michael Beale Who won Rangers Title number 55 And Stopped The Tim’s from Doing what no Rangers fan would have ever lived down and that is if Celic had won 10 iar But Michael Beale and not Steven Gerrard stopped Celic from Doing it And now it’s out for All Rangers fan To See Stevie G Didn’t Give a Shit about Rangers the Only man that cared That Rangers stopped Celic from Doing 10 iar Was Mr Michael Beale and as far as i’m concerned is Michael Beale deserve’s All the Credit For Rangers 55 Title win and from Stopping Celic from Doing 10 iar So fuck Stevie G And All i Have to say is Mr Beale You are Welcome Back At ibrox Anytime You Want And i Hope if you are offered the Rangers manager’s job You Will Grab it With Both Hand’s And good Luck in your New job at queen’s park Rangers as i know Rangers is in your DNA.

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