Giovanni van Bronckhorst and his future at Rangers

Giovanni van Bronckhorst and his future at Rangers
AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - SEPTEMBER 07: Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Manager of Rangers looks on prior to the UEFA Champions League group A match between AFC Ajax and Rangers FC at Johan Cruyff Arena on September 07, 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)

If regulars know one thing, it’s that no one saluted the flagpole more for Giovanni van Bronckhorst than Ibrox Noise.

We 100% religiously backed the new manager, perceiving him as 100% the right choice, ticking every single correct box there was to add quill to parchment with, and were delighted when the board listened.

We have trusted him blindly and unquestioningly, looking at his excellent achievements with Feyenoord as a benchmark of his qualities – he won more there than Steven Gerrard did at Ibrox, and Gerrard only had Celtic to contend with, GVB had PSV, Ajax, AZ and a host of others to fend off.

So… with recent form the way it’s been, and results being a little patchy, do we still completely trust him?

No, is the answer, we don’t.

We haven’t lost all faith him, but just like Gerrard, his blind stubbornness and favouritism while admitting he isn’t going to change a thing and will stick firmly to his philosophies is worrying – it shows a manager who won’t admit he’s wrong, and this is a massive galling truth:

Gio has NEVER taken responsibility for a single fail of anything Rangers since becoming manager, always putting the blame on the players, and not being accountable to anything.

Steven Gerrard did the same for a while, before he finally learned to admit when he’d got it wrong, and we certainly respected him for doing that, but Gio isn’t at that point yet.

He’s not at the point where he ever admits he might have got something wrong, which means he’s going to stand by what he’s doing come hell or high water.

Do we support him? We absolutely do, we still like the man a great deal and have a lot of respect for him, but we are willing, entirely, to criticise him now, whereas he got a free pass for most of last season.

This season is the one we measure him on – he’s had a full preseason, regardless of who made the signings, and he’s had all that time to impress his ideas on the team. Usually, that preseason, or lack of, is generally cited as a defence of players who don’t settle, and indeed Gio used it himself by saying arriving midseason last campaign ‘wasn’t ideal’.

So he’s admitted himself he can be fully judged on this season, given he’s had a full summer to execute his ideas.

And the form?

Well, home-wise, it’s actually been pretty good. Even if the performances haven’t been great, the results have – all wins bar a sole draw to the mighty PSV and of course that Napoli reverse.

Away is where it’s come unstuck, with a catastrophic run which saw losses in Belgium, Holland, and Parkhead, with a terrible draw at Easter Road. The one exception was the incredible win in Eindhoven.

And domestically?

Well, Celtic’s loss changed the picture – it showed, for the first time under their manager, that European football impacts domestic performances, something they’ve not had under him bar unfailing defeats and tournament exits.

It evens the playing field, and shows Gio he’s maybe doing better than some, even ourselves, give him credit for, given all the European matches he’s had to face.

There are two points difference in the league, meaning it’s all to play for.

Which doesn’t mean we now completely trust Gio, but it does mean he has a ‘weaker’ Celtic than the 100% league-based one he faced last season.

So, this really is the season he can be fairly judged, fairly praised, fairly criticised.

It’s up to him to make sure it’s the first two he gets most of.

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  1. The signings have been shocking ,the squad now looks all over the place from a settled one with profitable players to barely having any worth a decent amount now .For me the fall from grace has been rapid ,imo he is another humping from them away from being sacked ,which you wouldnt discount tbh .I dont count CL, as it is a bit unfair with the level and all ,however we should be doing far far better here .

  2. I can’t understand why he is playing Goldson, and Kamara, and the goalkeeper has to be sorted out soon as possible.. We have to much deadwood in the Rangers team, it’s unbelievable, and Kent is not playing with the way he can be 😂 Gio is a good Manager , but he has to give the players a good slap on the chin , and waken them all up. Other wise I will get the BIG Stick , and knock out some of the defence, especially 🤡 Shankill Ray ✋

  3. Gio is a good Manager , but he has to be strong and sort out the team. To much deadwood in the Rangers team , and he will have to get rid of Kamara and Goldson.And we need McGregor in the Goals for us to be , back in business to complete against the Big Teams. Shankill Ray ✋

    • You waited three minutes before complaining your comments weren’t being published? Did you maybe not realise there’s a moderation queue?

  4. Our fans are absolutely shocking, throwing the towel in, sacking the manager and giving up the whole season before September is out.

  5. If you look at it from start of season till now ,4 nil humping from mhanky mob ,another from ajax , 3 nil v napoli draw with shit hibs .In main dull and scraping over the line v teams cobbled together for few bob ,crap signings none of them getting played .
    If you are happy enough with that as a fan ,you are very easily pleased …..rangers demand top dollar for ticket prices and merchandise ,and sell out ibrox every other week .
    The fans have EVERY right to demand much more from directors ,and managment alike .
    Struth , gregg,wallace ,smith ,souness wouldnt have had it any other way .

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