Finland display proves it’s time for Glen Kamara to leave Rangers

Finland display proves it’s time for Glen Kamara to leave Rangers
Glen Kamara, midfielder of the Finnish national football team, attends a press conference at the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki, Finland on October 8, 2021, on the eve of the 2022 FIFA World Cup European Qualifying match between Finland and Ukraine. - Finland OUT (Photo by Jussi Nukari / Lehtikuva / AFP) / Finland OUT (Photo by JUSSI NUKARI/Lehtikuva/AFP via Getty Images)

The whole Glen Kamara tale has definitely taken a turn for the worse. From an absolute jewel in Rangers’ crown 24 months ago, the Finn’s stock has completely tumbled, ever since Ondrej Kudela, in fairness to him.

A couple of years ago, Rangers fans would have legitimately valued Kamara in the £30M range, comparing him with N’Golo Kante in style and position, given his age, regular international and his background, not to mention experience.

That value would even have stood, give or take, during the run to Seville, where he had a number of bright performances, including a fine goal v Leipzig, but since he netted that day, it appears to have gone south for him at the club.

He lost out on a big move to Nice, having decided long ago that his time at Ibrox was at an end, and since that transfer collapsed, he has been an unprofessional disgrace in the shirt, with little effort, few touches, and a clear apathy.

It’s a tragic shame because we know how good he is when he actually wants to play for a team, and indeed we saw that last night yet again with another excellent display for his country, but he’s lost interest in doing it for his club.

Gio can’t select him any more – he’s mentally tuned out of Rangers and wants to leave. He gave us plenty until a year or two ago, but he isn’t any more.

There are, of course, rumours, of a fallout with management and team mates, and his 86 touches last night for Finland compared with the 20+ he’s getting at Rangers these days shows all is definitely not well any more.

January can’t come quick enough for both parties to formally part company.

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  1. Nobody wants him, reason he will be here till his contract ends, you just cannot sell a player no other team wants, same as that absolute waste of space Goldson, if some team offered me 1M for both of them l would bite their hand off, but not a single club wants either, they never have and never will, both have long since been found out

  2. Obviously can’t be arsed to try or give a shit about the club team mates or fans fuck him off now and Morales

  3. It’s terrible if he wants a move he better get a grip and start playing. Because if he keeps going the way he is no one will want him

  4. Rangers are a soft touch these days . I would put him , Kent and Morelos on the sidelines till they sign their deals and change the attitude , disgrace.

  5. what team want a player who just down tools when he’s in a huff?
    we don’t want him.

    and it appears no one else does.
    we know he’s decent but if he doesn’t show it no one will want him.

    I’d be docking him wages.

  6. Every one of yous are a riot.
    Surely you understand the way kamara plays over the last 3 years?? He is a laid back player that shows control and composure.. he was outstanding against PSV.
    Just because he doesn’t shout in opposition players faces or do crunching challenges doesn’t mean he’s downed tools. He’s a great player and unfortunately having poor games at the moment. He is an outstanding footballer and hope he stays a bit longer .

  7. He seems to keep getting picked ….another odd decision I am afraid ,would agree with general consensus ,drop morelos ,kent kamara and any other player that just wants to use the club for shop window from january till may ,NO WAY .
    Third team for me .

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