A lot of Rangers fans are eager for Goalak and Alfie…

A lot of Rangers fans are eager for Goalak and Alfie…
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 17: Antonio Colak of Rangers celebrates after scoring the second goal of his team in the second half during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Dundee United at on September 17, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

A lot of outlets are talking about the Morelos and Colak angle, of both strikers teaming up in a partnership up front.

As we told you some weeks ago, manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst has never played with this style, of a duo up top, and when asked directly about it rather dismissed it, saying he’d only ever use that if he needed to ‘force’ something.

Now, what that means is anyone’s guess, because we’ve needed to force quite a lot in recent weeks, yet the Croatian and Colombian remained parted, only ever replacing each other, not complimenting one another.

Is this something that can be explored in reality?

Well, Gio has categorically rejected it – not just in the words above, but in asserting recently that he will not change anything, won’t alter his philosophies due to a bad run lately.

That in itself means, almost certainly, there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell of Colak and Morelos teaming up.

But what would it give us if he would entertain it?

Well the answer is ‘quite a lot’.

Striking partnerships rarely take place these days because of managers’ desires to fill midfield and win that battle – using a second striker loses a body in the middle meaning the opponent has an extra man to dictate the centre, and games are often won and lost in that area.

And Gio himself has spoken of this, emphasising it.

But if he made that sacrifice, he really does have a striking duo that could compliment each other brilliantly – Colak is the perfect poacher, scorer, clinical finisher – he is absolutely stellar at taking chances, and his off-ball movement is completely top drawer as well.

Meanwhile Morelos is the battering ram – drags defenders around, creates space, harries, and generally funnels transitions up the park due to all the fouls he wins and movement he creates.

So you have one doing the digging, the mucky work, and the other finishing off the scraps, exploiting the vulnerabilities.

It could work indeed but the manager doesn’t seem to want to entertain it.

So while we can wonder what it would do to opponents, unfortunately we’re very unlikely to see it.

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  1. Both could easily be the Coisty and Hately partnership if only Gio would take a chance but he won’t, reason why his P45 will be in the post within weeks, Gio, I’m sorry, you have lost all respect from the players to the fans, nobody has any confidence left in you

    We loved and adored you as a player but as our team manager, you are an absolute shambles and quicker you arse is booted out the doors the better it is for all concerned

  2. Unfortunately ad you day we will never see this , it’s a pity cause I think it could work . I would sacrifice a holding midfielder to make it so . GVB is typically stubborn being Dutch so he will stick to his formation no matter . Pity.

  3. 4 4 2 was the system that Rangers played for most of my time as a supporter but now seems to be consigned to the bin. St Mirren played 2 up against Celtic last week and made them look ordinary. Morelos and Colak could be dynamite together but it will not happen as the modern day managers do not believe in it sadly including ours. 4 4 2 was the most successful system that Rangers have used over the years winning many trophies by playing it but I do not see it coming back anytime soon.

  4. I would agree with all comments ,we used to play with 2 ie hateley and McCoist ,there is really no excuse to play one man up front in our league ,where we should be looking to press home chances and percentage of play with GOALS .
    Like most decisions made these days under current management ,I just dont get it .

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