“Top drawer – 9” Rangers player ratings v St Johnstone

“Top drawer – 9” Rangers player ratings v St Johnstone
Tillman celebrates opening the scoring (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers triumphed with room to spare today, St Johnstone proving no match for the home side.

Ibrox Noise brings you our player ratings on a pleasant day’s work in Govan.


Another one in which the goalie had very little to do, other than a few claims. Was beaten all ends up for the one chance Saints had. 6


Just keeps on producing, doesn’t he? 8 crosses, 3 accurate, an assist and an all round industrial display meant Tav shone once more. Only Goldson had more of the ball today. 8


Got so bored with so little to do that he turned into a right winger at one point, Goldson wasn’t needed as a stopper much so helped up top, but he wasn’t completely silent at the back – in fact, no one had more defensive contributions (7) than he in a blue shirt. 7


He was shaky, wobbly, unconvincing, and his positional sense should have cost a goal – but it didn’t, and he will hopefully grow in the role. Just think how rotten Bassey, the man he’s replaced was when he began as well. 5


The Croat has taken the Ridvan challenge and looks like a new player. Lots of attacking, lots of crossing, and strong at the back when needed, the LB is regaining form at a hell of a good time. Competition is a good thing. 8


Strong going forward but his least needed defensive side in a match for a long time, the Scouser dominated the middle as always and his distance distribution was excellent once again. 8


Literally non-existent defensive wise, but thankfully he wasn’t really required on that level – and in fact his forward play was very good. He still isn’t covering ground like he used to but showed some nice touches and vision. 7


Another outstanding performance from the American, who, even this early, the club must be considering on a permanent basis. Not just his goal, but his constant probing and prodding, Tillman’s energy is top drawer and he’s getting more used to our game with every match. 9


Completely invisible until the second half where he absolutely leapt to life with two assists, Matondo is the epitome of the confidence man. Once his tail was up he was unstoppable, but he did struggle for ideas and cohesion in the first half. A tale of two 45s for him. 8


Just keeps on plucking at his string does Wrighty – running at opponents is what he does, and he does it with pace and energy. The lad is evolving and Gio’s coaching as well as Roy’s is letting him develop into a better player. He still has his limitations but he isn’t letting himself down. 7


3 matches in a row, 3 goals, the German-born Croat is thriving in the way we expected. Ibrox Noise fully backed this signing, and now he’s getting service there’s no stopping him. He may just have found the right place for his career, at last. 9



Comes on, scores a fine goal, assists another, job done. Can’t ask more of a cameo than he delivered. 8


Comes on, scores a fine goal, job done. A good cameo. 7


Just tidying things up and refreshing legs. 6


Getting more experience. 6


Still visibly rusty, and needs to shed a bit of beef as well. Always comes back in preseason a bit off the pace, but it’s worse this year given the injury. 6


Gio rang the changes today in light on Tuesday and boy did they deliver. Just like midweek they were up against a low block, but unlike midweek we managed to score at the half hour mark which settled everyone down. Gio made good use of subs and got as many minutes in legs as he could, while saving as much as he could for Tuesday. He delivered a winning team and a shut out. Can’t complain about that. 8

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  1. Can’t disagree with those ratings with the exception of Davies. Yes he misjudged the cross for the only chance they had but I felt he was composed and his distribution was good. He also provided good balance to the back four hence why barisic had his best game of the season so far?

    • Davies was unconvincing to us altogether. His entire game was passing it to either Barisic or Goldson, and he managed only one defensive contribution to the whole match. Tav Goldson and Barisic all did far more as defenders. He just didn’t do much! Just checked whoscored and they rated him statistically 11th best player of the whole day. But it is all subjective.

  2. Have to agree with your view of the ratings. Hope and believe that Davies will grow into it, but would start Sands Tuesday. I feel we still don’t have a convincing LCB, fingers crossed one of those two or Souttar comes good.
    Although Matondo got an assist for Arfield’s goal, I think he made the wrong call going past the keeper when Morelos had a simpler chance than the one that fell to Arfield. Rabbi’s decision just gave defence time to get back. All worked out in the end but it might not next time. Needs to work on his decision making and play with with his head up.

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