Rangers legend slaughtered by press in sexism row

Rangers legend slaughtered by press in sexism row
LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 22: Sky Sports TV pundit and former footballer Graeme Souness looks on as he is interviewed during Day Ten of the 2020 William Hill World Darts Championship at Alexandra Palace on December 22, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Alex Burstow/Getty Images)

PC has gone mad yet again in this post-Brexit/Covid/MeToo/BLM world after Rangers legend Graeme Souness was slaughtered by the press and pretty much everyone else for suggesting Spurs and Chelsea’s set-to yesterday was a return to it being a ‘man’s game’.

Apparently the presenter David Jones piped up immediately after the producer yelled in his ear arguing that it was a ‘woman’s game too’.

But this is once again this crazy speech police world gone nuts with anything and everything called out and criticised because it might offend at least one person.

Souness in no way was saying anything against women, and this is the issue.

A statement, a phrase to suggest this particular match was physical and rough and tumble instead of the airy-fairy nature of a lot of the sport these days was absolutely rounded on, and has absolutely no implication that the sport excludes women.

Because if any sport has become especially inclusive to women the past few years, it’s football.

If a women’s game is filled with physicality, the phrase could be used and mean the same thing, but of course, it just wouldn’t work if taken literally. And in fairness, the amount of women’s football we’ve seen, the players are a credit to the sport for not messing around and rolling about like their male counterparts have been known to. In many ways, they’re more ‘men’ than the blokes are.

It simply has nothing to do with excluding an entire gender.

Souness, rightly, doesn’t regret his wording, because we’re sure plenty women out there wouldn’t have complained about the phrasing either.

Is he sounding old school? Yes, and there is nothing wrong with that. Unless you actually want to be offended by it, and that’s up to you.

If people are allowed to slate Souness for his wording, then he’s allowed to use that wording too.

And maybe we can all stop being wound up by how a man in his 60s praised a match of football.

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  1. Deary deary me …the horrendous woke brigade raise their over offended heads above the paraphet again …wish they would get a life .

  2. He was absolutely right, it is a man’s game, women’s football is nothing more than a pub game that 2 men and their dugs watch, l honestly can’t stand women commenting on football matches, they know next to nothing, and that Shelly Kerr that sometimes comes on before our matches start and again at halftime, im sorry, l have got to put the tv on mute and most stuff that does come out their mouths is absolutely cringeworthy, should be men only commenting on matches, too many fucking leftwing snowflakes about that get offended by every single little thing, that could also be sellik by the way, offended by everything, embarrassed about nothing

  3. I’m getting heartily sick of all this nonsense. I’ve absolutely nothing against women’s football but I personally have no interest in it. As far as I’m concerned men’s football and women’s football are 2 different sports. So in that sense I agree with Souness. It IS a man’s game. I don’t watch women’s football in the same way that I rarely watch SPL matches (other than Rangers) or EFL matches because they are poor quality. I’m sick of turning on Sportscene, Football Focus, Match of the Day, Results programmes etc. to be forced to watch some unknown women footballer giving her opinion on the men’s game. I want my “expert” opinion to come from former players like Souness who played the game, the men’s game. I don’t want to hear from Alex Scott spouting about her 457 caps for England or her 35 FA Cups or going undefeated for 250 matches when she was at “Arsenal”. She was no more at Arsenal than I was at Rangers when I played for Rangers Boys Club.

  4. As far as I could see Chelsea v Tottenham was a game of football played by men so what’s the problem. Souness right not to apologise too many people in this world offended by trivia.

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