Rangers fans had better get used to Gio favourites staying in

Rangers fans had better get used to Gio favourites staying in
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 06: James Sands of Rangers during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Kilmarnock FC at Ibrox Stadium on August 6, 2022 in Glasgow, United Kingdom. (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

Tuesday night confirmed one thing beyond a shadow of a doubt:

Whether the majority of Rangers fans like it or not, Giovanni van Bronckhorst has chosen Jon McLaughlin as his number one for the time being and James Sands to partner Goldson.

McLaughlin falls under a list of players Rangers fans, rightly or wrongly, don’t rate or favour like the rest. Ditto Sands/

These are generally McLaughlin, Sands, Connor Goldson, Fashion Sakala, and to an extent, Scott Wright.

But Gio isn’t the fans.

The impression we get is Gio has picked his chosen men, and unless they now let the side down consistently or fail to impress, they will stay in the shirt.

And as long as Rangers keep getting the results, which this season we are, it’s hard to complain.

Indeed, 3 wins and just one away loss in Belgium is making the first two matches look much much better, and the overall season record is now looking downright impressive.

And that’s with James Sands and Jon McLaughlin in tow.

For it doesn’t matter if fans get outraged at Sands’ name in the starting XI, he’s currently the number one choice beside Goldson.

And as long as the wins flow in, few can have complaints, including us.

We at Ibrox Noise have hardly gone on record as Goldson and McLaughlin’s biggest fans, but they’re Gio’s picks and we back the manager unconditionally.

We do prefer Sands to most supporters but we know he has more than a few detractors. We were a lot less impressed with him in midfield ourselves, but in defence he’s barely let the side down at all.

And all of this means Gio has a job to do, is doing it his way, and even if we don’t get the team selections we want, at the end of the day we just want the best results for the club.

So unless McLaughlin or Sands go on a bad run of form and make repeated errors for weeks, they are clearly staying in place.

Fans better get used to that.

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  1. Sorry but this kind of bland acceptence in GVB we trust will not cut AFTER we lose games and points to the rotten mob . We have spent 4 Million on a proper CH , so why Sands ffs , is Goldson as I believe the common denominator, he’s untouchable, at points last night as in the Killie game his and Sands distribution was shocking.

    • I dont rate Sands full stop mate. I think hes a bombscare, same as Goldson. They both constantly give the ball away every single game.

      • No one gave the ball away less than Sands v Killie. 10 times. Lowest in the starting XI. 93% passing level. So maybe you want it to be true because you don’t like him, but sorry mate, it isn’t.

        • Infact i just read your comment properly i wasnt talking abt vs killie i was talking abt the union game. If you think Goldson and Sands are good Rangers class CBs you must be mad tho sorry 😂

  2. It’s not if but when it goes belly up, but by then it will be too late, l pray he will prove me wrong but l can’t see it, Sands is not and never will be Rangers class and neither is McLaughlin

  3. Getting a wee bit fed up with constant bitching about goldson ,the guy is always fit never injured ,gives his all ,tells the truth about performances or lack of them and gets villified for it .He is not the best defender but then again who else are we going to get for 4 -6 million get real ,harry maguire was 80 million ffs ! . Where is the proof davies a proper CH ?
    Apart from fergie managers will always have their favourites ,gerry sure as shit did .

  4. Well blow me down. Gio has his favourites! I remember Gerrard getting slaughtered for playing his favourites week in week out and strangely it’s the same players, Goldson and Tavernier. Maybe that says more about the players than it does the managers. Newsflash! Every manager has his go to players. Just the way it is.

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