Rangers are back where we belong in the Champions League

Rangers are back where we belong in the Champions League
Glasgow Rangers' Croatian defender Borna Barisic (Bot) and PSV Eindhoven's Austrian defender Phillipp Mwene (Top) fall during the UEFA Champions League play-off football match between PSV Eindhoven and Rangers FC at the Phillips stadium in Eindhoven on August 24, 2022. - - Netherlands OUT (Photo by Olaf Kraak / ANP / AFP) / Netherlands OUT (Photo by OLAF KRAAK/ANP/AFP via Getty Images)

Rangers created history tonight and we’re not going to waste anyone’s time with ratings. It’s an 11 all round.

This was the most ‘up against it’ European night we’ve ever faced – Hibs, Goldson, Morelos, the chaos, then the players themselves delayed by abusive fans in what Gio described as the worst entrance to a match he’s ever experienced.

And guess what?

Against every odd, every single challenge, Rangers went to PSV, defied EVERYONE, including most of us here at Ibrox Noise, and produced easily the biggest European performance since Leeds United.

And it was absolutely colossally deserved.

PSV were a great side, but quite frankly they just couldn’t beat us.

Using the spirit of every bluenose gut we have, our players shone, worked, grafted, and dug in.

Just like we said they had to.

They did. No one shirked the night, no one hid, and the rewards is the Promised Land of the ****ing Champions League.

Everything changed tonight.


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  1. Quite possibly the BIGGEST result I’ve ever seen in all my 30 odd years watching! Seen the highs of 9IAR and the lows of division 3. Back where we f##king belong with the best in Europe! WATP 🇬🇧

  2. Absolutely superb maybe now you and other bears will get off McLaughlin and Sands back as both were immense.

    • Donald, you might be mistaking us for someone else, we’ve done nothing but back Sands for weeks in the face of abuse…. probably from fans like yourself.

  3. Absolutely delighted for our team tonight and to get my prediction right ! Said psv no great shakes ,and if we showed character,and sorted defensive mistakes and gk showed up we would do it ! Over the moon rangers turned up and beat an ordinary psv and full credit to goldson and McLaughlin they have been panned quite rightly ,but we’re very good tonight …credit where it is due ,sands very good also ,let’s hope it’s the start of them hitting form ,Well done rangers and gio !!!!

    • What is with Rangers fans who want to downplay our achievements. Apparently we only won 55 because Celtic were rubbish. Now we’ve beat an “ordinary” PSV team who finished 2 points behind an excellent Ajax team in the title race last season, have already taken 5 off Ajax this season, and have already knocked out big spending Monaco out of the CL. PSV are an excellent team and we deserve enormous credit for knocking them out.

  4. I have never handed abuse out to Sands as a matter of fact I think he has done well and was immense tonight. I may be wrong in your criticism of Sands but not McLaughlin so tonight hopefully has changed your opinion on him.

  5. I’ve been watching rangers for over 60 yrs all you doubters should hang your heads in shame. Ibrox noise the last few days have done nothing but slate the team its time you all grew up and support our team through thick and thin once a ger always a ger, what a result tonight WATP
    Stop slagging the team get behind them. Don’t ever doubt our club the in charge are there for a reason. In Gio we trust

    • I was a doubter John. That was based on what I’d seen from the team this season and the fact we were playing a very good Dutch side. Delighted to be proved wrong. Rather than hang my head in shame I’ll just puff my chest out with pride.

  6. I have never criticised Sands unlike most of the support on here and if I have put you in that category then it was a mistake. However you have been scathing of McLaughlin and will you now concede that after last night you and fellow bears may have been wrong about him after a faultless display

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