Livi Rangers should have been called off amid officiating nightmare

Livi Rangers should have been called off amid officiating nightmare
LIVINGSTON, SCOTLAND - JULY 30: Giovanni van Bronckhorst the Rangers manager inspects the unusually large white pitch lines on the pitch before the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Livingston FC and Rangers FC at theTony Macaroni Arena on July 30, 2022 in Livingston, United Kingdom. (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

And we’ve not even talked about the lines farce, the offside decision… just the referee manager Don Robertson.

On Saturday Rangers managed to win the three points despite the officials and circumstances hijacking the match where possible.

Ibrox Noise takes you through the crime count of how badly this one was run, and highlights how desperately VAR needs to get started here.

First off, the lines. This was… a new level of embarrassing. Somehow Livi’s groundstaff had printed down thicker lines than the regulations.

As in, the white painted lines to denote the pitch borders etc.

They were too thick, and against protocol.

The solution? ‘Ah, it’ll be fine’.

So, in theory, Livi could have scored a goal which wasn’t, and Rangers could have been denied one which was. Although we actually were anyway.

Could this have led to a postponement?

Yes, this game should have been abandoned before kick off because it simply broke rules from the start without any way of fixing them.

Then we had the offside goal, as Antonio Colak was denied a perfectly legitimate goal, by a linesman not only offline with the goal, but whose line of sight was blocked by a Livi body. So he was just guessing. And he got it wildly wrong.

And then the Philip Cancar/Don Robertson/Scott Wright fiasco which summed up in a nutshell how, in 2022, Scotland remains a third-world nation of football on every single level, apart from in its own head.

This match, despite Rangers’ win, should never have either gone ahead or played out like this.

Had this been Celtic it had happened to, we can guarantee the biggest fuss.

And we aren’t blaming anyone for a loss, are we. We won despite of it.

But this kind of rubbish will cost us in the future, because the SPL cannot (or will not) get its act together.

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  1. Between this shower of fools and having such benighted morons SNP ruining the country then Scotland is an unprofessional shithole and things can only get better.

  2. The goal is clearly offside as shown on sportcene u have got this wrong no offence but you are a bit farcical at times with You’re comments we are all rangers fans but all you choose in you’re subjects are th world being against us we won the game get a grip seriously

  3. We won the game so that’s the most important thing. These wee niggles will happen again through out the season and we just need to rise above them and get the 3 points. I’m more concerned with how long it takes John souttar to turn. I’ve see ships turn quicker

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