GVB’s Rangers XI today will be HUGELY key

GVB’s Rangers XI today will be HUGELY key
Gio with a lot of missing men.

Everyone has been turning on Ally recently over his postponement proposal, with very few (Ibrox Noise aside) backing him up on his suggestion.

But the one who counts is Giovanni van Bronckhorst, and we will be very, very interested to see the Rangers lineup today.

Almost every single fan, including Kris Boyd, claims we need today’s match (and Hibs) to continue to build match sharpness and fitness.

We can accept that point as much as we accept the logic behind Ally’s suggestion too.

But the thing is, what if today’s starting XI is just a fringe XI, saving most of our key players for Tuesday?

How would that fit in with keeping everyone fit and sharp when most of the key men starting on Tuesday are likely to be on the bench to ‘save’ them.

Surely that’s a total contrast to the mockery fans are making of the idea of postponement?

If there are any more than about 4 players unlikely to start on Tuesday then it hints that Gio is resting players with that match in mind, and clearly doesn’t agree that everyone he is to select v Ruud’s side should start today to get further momentum.

That all said, if he starts with a very strong team and more or less the XI he expects to pick midweek, then clearly he doesn’t feel any need to rest anyone and agrees with the majority that he needs to keep the rhythm going.

And if that’s the case, we will completely kowtow to his judgement and shut up about it.

But either way, managing this massive tie v the Eredivisie giants won’t be easy.

Thankfully we have a Dutch master who knows them inside out.

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