GVB confirms whether Kent and Morelos will start for Rangers

GVB confirms whether Kent and Morelos will start for Rangers
Gio confirming Ryan Kent and Alfie's status....

GVB has confirmed while Ryan Kent and Alfredo Morelos are both included tomorrow, the chances of both starting or even getting minutes is pretty up in the air, with the Colombian a lot more promising than the winger.

Kent has been missing since Livi with a problem with his metatarsal, and while he’s been taking some modest part in training, it’s some way off full, and he isn’t expected to have a massive 90 minutes v Union.

But the hope is that Gio can get a few minutes out of him as a late cameo should he be required, and of course, we hope he isn’t.

Morelos is further along – the Colombian is now nearing full fitness – as we explained earlier, he was expected to be fully back around September, and the idea is the next 3 weeks will introduce him more and more into first-team affairs with more and more cameos.

The notion he could be back earlier than next month is looking more promising than it was, and he is slightly ahead of schedule, which is excellent.

But it’s the winger who remains concerning – he is only included tomorrow night, and Gio even let slip that getting minutes itself is a long shot, and he will be ‘assessed’ tomorrow afternoon to see how close he is to being able to take any meaningful part.

We wait and see.

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  1. Here we go again. A player who wasn’t risked as a precaution (implying that he could’ve played if chosen) last week missed out on Saturday then looks set to miss out again tomorrow. So from missing one game it looks like he’s now up to 3 games and counting. Nonsense!
    Would Kent be cup tied for the Europa Cup, or Europe in general, if he played? Just a thought.

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