Former Rangers star’s epic winner proves Steven Gerrard wrong?

Former Rangers star’s epic winner proves Steven Gerrard wrong?
KILMARNOCK, SCOTLAND - FEBRUARY 09: Glenn Middleton of Rangers takes a look around the stadium prior to the Scottish Cup 5th Round match between Kilmarnock and Rangers at Rugby Park on February 9, 2019 in Kilmarnock, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

While we’re not about to say the club made a huge error letting Glenn Middleton go, the fact that he has scored more goals in Europe this season than the whole of the Rangers team does give some perspective about the reality of how poorly-managed he was.

This is a kid who simply wasn’t given the chance once his development stunted – Steven Gerrard dumped Middleton entirely when his form dipped, and showed zero interest in him thereafter.

And Middleton stagnated terribly – tonight he scored the winner against the 5th best side in Holland, and in truth, Holland is a significantly better level than Belgium.

So Rangers’ diabolical result at Union’s temporary home is given some sense of perspective that Utd could pick up a mighty result, albeit at home, against a side as strong as AZ.

It does give us a little hope, in truth – that we can turn this round next week, and that the SPL might not be the garbage Motherwell’s result suggested it is below Rangers and Celtic.

Utd did well, albeit we aren’t expecting them to complete the job next week in Holland, but for now, Middleton is the hero and finally has his moment to shine.

Should he have had another chance at Rangers?

Well, yes, of course – he simply wasn’t afforded the opportunity though. It’s all very well ignorantly suggesting he ‘had his chance’ but he in fact did not – once his form dipped in late 2018 he never started again, playing just a handful of sub cameos.

This was a kid, remember, who arrived in a fanfare of hype from Norwich, and of whom big things were expected.

And he was delivering, till he lost his momentum – but that was it for him at Rangers.

And tonight he gets to shine 4 years later at long last.

We wish him well, and hope he goes from strength to strength.

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  1. Well done to the young lad but it doesn’t mean he was badly treated at Ibrox. Don’t forget he’s left behind a string of clubs where he never quite cut it.

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