Bigger than Seville? PSV stand between Rangers and CL glory

Bigger than Seville? PSV stand between Rangers and CL glory
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 09: Rangers manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst seen at full time during the UEFA Champions League Third Qualifying Round second leg match between Glasgow Rangers and Royale Union Saint-Gilloise at Ibrox Stadium on August 09, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Remember Ibrox Noise and our nerves leading up to Seville?

Obviously resting on that one were rewards on a scale we’d never seen before – the UEL trophy, super cup final place, £40M-60M+ for group in UCL, and being a pot 1 side with a stronger chance of going to KO.

It was a veritable treasure trove, and it was worth everything to us.

Frankfurt took it on a single penalty, and even though they probably did deserve the win overall, Rangers could easily have taken it had we been more clinical, defended better, and not signed Aaron Ramsey.

However, the tension leading to that final was massive.

And guess what – it’s exactly the same for this two-legged juggernaut against PSV.

A place in the CL, a deserved place that Rangers have surely earned over 4 years (even if Celtic stole it) awaits the winners of this one, and the gorgeous finance that this entails.

We explained how the CL is effectively worth in the region of about £60M these days, JUST for getting to the group.

Well, that still stands, and that lucrative spot awaits the triumphant party – this is effectively why Gio is our manager.

This is his true earning of his crust – if he can overcome mighty PSV and get us into the group stage, it will arguably eclipse getting to Seville because this is a much higher level.

The Promised Land is the CL, and PSV stand in our way.

This will be anything but easy, but Gio can do it.

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  1. I would of rather had the away game first then back to ibrox, but lets just enjoy it,and dont respect them to much Onwards💪

  2. Just please do not start McLaughlin, Kamara, Wright or Sands in this match and we have a chance, 4 players that should not even get a seat on the subs bench, they are rank fucking rotten, this is the Champions League we are still in, not a Diddy team like sellik we are playing in the SPFUCKINGHELL

  3. And now its 24quid to watch it on rtv as i need to buy a month sub to view with an monthly auto renew,looks like the tenner per match has been withdrawn disappointing!,not unless iam missing something
    No bt sport in spain


  4. We would have still had EUL trophy AND no qualifier tonight if we had won that game ,however if we win tonight it will all be forgotten about as you rightly say it is THE big time .

  5. For me winning rhst European trophy last year would have topped anything. Even qualifying for this years champs league, also winning EL would have qualified us anyway. But if your just talking about winning the trophy vs beating PSV i would still take that trophy.

  6. Oh aye ,they are quick enough to advertise game and take your 24 quid NOW , EUL final it was chase yourselves ,too busy and not profitable enough SHAMEFUL .

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