Are Rangers ready for Alfie and Colak?

Are Rangers ready for Alfie and Colak?
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 06: Alfredo Morelos of Rangers celebrates his goal during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Kilmarnock FC at Ibrox Stadium on August 6, 2022 in Glasgow, United Kingdom. (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

Ibrox Noise’s Kevin discussed recently the idea of going 4-4-2, and the merits of that over just one up front.

For yours truly, it has strengths and weaknesses, and while the response was largely in agreement with trying it, we would urge a spot of caution about it.

First of all it costs a midfielder. If we’re going to pair two up front we need to heavily rely on flank play, rather than going centrally, because our opposition 100% has an extra man centrally making it harder to play through.

This means more reliance on both Kenty and Yilmaz, and Tav and Matondo, or whoever plays wide.

This still sounds reasonable, but the problem is it requires a whole new learning path. 4-4-2 is a pretty archaic formation, even if it’s one we all like on Ibrox Noise, and it would mean players effectively raised on 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 etc would have to learn this more retro formation.

We probably don’t have time to do that right now.

But say we do switch, despite the learning curve, having Morelos and Colak together would, as Kevin said, be the perfect foil for each other.

One the big bustling target man, dragging defenders all over the place and hassling the backline, the other more polished, making runs, getting into space created by the first man.

It’s a nicely-placed duet, and these two would compliment each other.

But it’s the kind of duo that could need time and patience to master. But, sometimes there’s an instant connection and the two players just know each other. In truth, that system requires top quality players who understand football and intelligent runs and how to feed off each other – that’s less telepathy and more just knowing the game and how and when to do the right things.

In fairness, both Colak and Morelos are smart – Alfie might not ‘look’ like a genius, but make no mistake, he’s an intelligent footballer, dragging players, reading the lines, hurting defenders – he knows how to bother them.

And Colak is smart, knowing when to make his move, when to stay still – he’d feed wonderfully off Alfie.

But there’s also another option – it doesn’t necessarily have to be 4-4-2 – it just has to be able to use them both as a pair regardless of the combination behind them.

As we said in an earlier piece, a 9 up front on his own, an Ally, a Pippo Inzaghi – these don’t work in the present day. Colak might struggle long term as a lone hitman.

But pair him with Alfie in any system, and you really could have a lot of goals indeed…

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  1. We really struggle to break down teams it is leaving Colak, and Morelos last season, hopefully isolated and outnumbered so I dread to think how sacrificing a midfield player would improve that. As you say wing play might be the answer. I was hoping Kent and Matondo stretching defenders wide would open up channels centrally for us to exploit. But 2 attacking wingers and 2 strikers would be very ambitious and leaves little room for guys like Lawrence, Tillman and Arfield given the the 2 remaining midfield players may need to be more defensive minded.

  2. Play colak up front with alfie behind and kent and matondo on the wings could cause lot of damage

  3. The only way to keep the midfield strong with 2 up front is either a 4-1-3-2 with wingers, or 4-3-1-2 diamond eliminating wingers.
    Or of course, 3-5-2.

    Personally I’d prefer Tillman playing just off Colak with Alfie getting game time later in the match.

  4. Not the time for experiments, I would keep Morelos and Kent for the 2nd half . I would start with Colak and Matondo. I would give Tliman a free role . Davis has to start . The concern I have is stopping them scoring , Greggsy has to play . Its the central painting that concerns me a lot .

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