SPFL board axes all Rangers representation as Celtic dominate

SPFL board axes all Rangers representation as Celtic dominate
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The SPFL will be 100% dominated by Celtic and Hibs after Stewart Robertson stepped down to be replaced by Celtic’s Michael Nicholson who pairs up with Hibs’ Ron Gordon and serial Rangers-hater Murdoch MacLennan not to mention independent non-executive director Karyn McCluskey who has absolutely no link to football aside an alleged soft spot for Celtic and a career in forensic psychology.

In other words, Rangers certainly aren’t going to get any favours whatsoever from the SPFL next season as if they did last (!)

We’re not paranoid (much) on Ibrox Noise but there is a reasonable question to ask that so many eastern club men (and women) are on the board with absolutely no representation now from Rangers that it cannot help skew impartiality a tad.

Add to that the repeated conflicts between said board and Rangers on a varying number of matters and continued grudges due to the outcomes and we can’t say we’ll be flavour of the month as far as the SPFL goes.

In other words (again) if you thought the SPFL were against us last season, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

We shouldn’t be terribly surprised, with the only caveat that Ross County provide the remaining representative and they’ve historically been fair towards Rangers, being the only side who did not vote to eject the club in 2012.

But end of the day, it is what it is.

If Rangers are to secure 56, it will be despite the SPL, not because of it.

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  1. Well-written article. I suppose we’ll get no favours regarding Euro/ League/Cup clash fixtures, eh? Thought so. One of the most representative clubs of the UK now faces an uphill task before the season has really started.

  2. It’s shocking that the spfl can get away with this sort of thing Doncaster and his Celtic and his rangers haters can get get away with it but the rest of the spfl clubs seem to support it what needs to happen is we need to get rid of Doncaster he has done nothing for football in this country and he runs a dictatorship.

  3. Let’s be brutally honest here people. Did you expect anything less . Its not just the SPFuckingL , it’s the whole Snp green leaning mob that are poisoning and degrading this country . We will win 56 without any help from that shower of shit . By the way..smell the panic in the East signing any old pish.

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