Some Rangers fans aren’t happy with £4M man incoming

Some Rangers fans aren’t happy with £4M man incoming
STOKE ON TRENT, ENGLAND - APRIL 02: Ben Davies of Sheffield United applauds fans after game during the Sky Bet Championship match between Stoke City and Sheffield United at Bet365 Stadium on April 02, 2022 in Stoke on Trent, England. (Photo by Cameron Smith/Getty Images)

As we alluded to earlier, Rangers will sign Liverpool defender Ben Davies for £4M, making him the latest summer signing following a feverish window which took some time to get going before the activity flowed.

But what of Davies?

We agree with the majority who are, on the face of it, a little underwhelmed by a 26-year old defender who never even played once for Liverpool.

But there are a lot of caveats to this signing.

First off, he was signed by Jurgen Klopp, and he clearly saw enough in the lad to bring him to Liverpool, which is arguably one of the finest five football teams on the planet. That’s not a bad recommendation.

Secondly, he was signed as emergency cover when a glut of injury issues were sustained at Anfield, but he was never first pick and Klopp always preferred other players. That does happen.

Does this make him bad?

Well, a certain Calvin Bassey never played a senior minute in the PL for Leicester, and we’re pretty sure that one worked out not bad, while Joe Aribo hadn’t even got out of League One and thrived for the Famous all the same.

In other words, don’t judge a player based on what he didn’t do, judge him on his CV, and those who speak highly of him.

Think about Tom Lawrence – a Championship player all his career, only ever played 4 matches for Leicester in the PL, and yet most fans excited about his capture and waxing lyrical about him. The same fans considering Davies, who has a similar CV, to be substandard.

In short, we back all the players and support all signings here on Ibrox Noise.

Yes, there are those who don’t light our fires as brightly as others, but we trust Gio and the team to know football better than we do.

As you lot say to us and each other all the time: ‘give him a chance ffs’.

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  1. The fans will just need to get used to selling high and replacing low ,with promising players .If anyobdy thinks because we sell for 20 we go spend 20 on a big name or names ….well those days are well and truly gone am afraid ,unless a billionaire takes over club or we play in a division where the idiots dont do 2.4 million a year tv deals and 34000 sponsorship deals .
    Welcome to the club ben and best of luck! .
    Who knows we may just be getting 18.7 million for him in 2 years time …..with add ons .

  2. Yes i agree 100% give him a season then judge him,and including any new signing for that matter,they must be given time,its all to do with Gio bringing the best out of him
    I remember first seeing Bassey and shouting a dud a donkey get him to fk,i wont make that mistake again

  3. OK happy to see what the man brings. No comparible to Lawrence who has far more experience, but we’ll see how he fits in. We need CH cover and it seems he can play on the left too. Still think we need to find another LB . I would also like another striking option too.

  4. Davies is an experienced player from the top end of the Championship. We know he was an emergency signing for Liverpool and never actually played for them but he was a well respected player before then and had something that Klopp thought would be of value to Liverpool. I reckon he could be better than Souttar and more consistent than Goldson.

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