Shock transformation in Rangers man has echoes of Bassey

Shock transformation in Rangers man has echoes of Bassey
Zukowski as he was when he joined Rangers....

It appears Polish January signing Mateusz Żukowski has been to the Calvin Bassey school of ‘turning yourself into a complete unit’ and the forgotten RB has worked on his frame to such an extent of making his illustrious Nigerian team mate proud.

As we remember, Bassey was unimpressive his first season at Ibrox, and while not slight, his physique was nothing to write home about.

Cue last preseason when the Beast woke up and Bassey came up a completely different prospect, and became undroppable as a result, a total physical athlete.

Well, Żukowski has clearly taken the same cue because like Bassey, while not slender, he was average in terms of his frame, as these pics show, when he joined Rangers at the start of the year:

But fast-forward to Auchenhowie this summer and the change is spectacular as the ex-Lechia man has toned up, bulked up, and completely worked his physique as Bassey did:

The change in Zukowski…

It’s very impressive.

Will it make him a better player? Only time will tell, and of course, he only played once so we can’t fairly judge him on any level until we see more of him.

Is it Mateusz’ season?

We shall see.

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