Rangers to link up with world’s richest club? Claims…

Rangers to link up with world’s richest club? Claims…
NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, ENGLAND - MAY 16: Newcastle player Bruno Guimaraes has a selfie picture with co-owners Amanda Staveley and Mehrdad Ghodoussi on the pitch after the Premier League match between Newcastle United and Arsenal at St. James Park on May 16, 2022 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

Rangers are to join forces with Newcastle in a unique agreement that would see a 10-year relationship begin facilitating the smoother and easier transition of players between both clubs, likely outwith FIFA’s cross-border rules affecting the U23s.

The claim, made today by Dr. Giuseppe K. Samuel Aretto, who alleges he’s the head of sports giant Bein Sports’ European department, would mean Rangers joining forces with the richest club on the planet and getting access to resources otherwise unavailable.

It would of course mean Newcastle would have access to our world class training facilities as well.

“JUST IN: Newcastle FC and Rangers FC “very close to agreement” in decade long operational agreement to share playing and technical resources. Deal will see players move freely between the English and Scottish club for development. More to follow”

We can’t confirm how true this story is, and of course anything involving Newcastle is tinged with wariness given their and our history with the Geordies’ former owner Mike Ashley, but under new ownership the club doesn’t have the same toxicity.

Of course, there’s more than a touch of indignation given the new owners are Saudi oil money backed, Saudi state, but then unless you only fuel up at the petrol station with non-Saudi based petroleum, and can say with all honesty that you have never consumed anything that country has produced, can you possibly condemn without hypocrisy.

But getting away from politics here, Rangers would be connected to the richest club in the world and that does open doors.

“MORE: Historic alliance to be announced by weekend, with senior corporate structure containing execs of both clubs convening straight away to maximise summer transfer window. Rangers to receive annual fee but deal is strictly “for mutual benefit” confirmed by Riyadh sources.”

We’ll see if this is indeed true.

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  1. I think the perennial relegation battlers would glad take our EUL finalist team at moment if swap on cards ….in all seriousness may be a good link up ,not sure whether the current owners are much better than ashley having read about them however cash seems to be king these days regardless .

  2. This would be a great move by the club. Celtic have ties to the City Group and as much as Gio also does, it’s good for the club to branch out especially with a team that is certainly on the up and will have everything thrown at it in order to succeed. The Saudis don’t get into anything unless they expect to be the best eventually. Plus, they plan on reinvesting in their academy, which in the long run should provide us with accent to PL talents.

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