Rangers lose another Legend as we say goodbye to The Goalie

Rangers lose another Legend as we say goodbye to The Goalie
9 May 1996: Rangers players, Richard Gough, Andy Goram and Stuart McCall show off their new Adidas shirts Mandatory Credit: Gary M. Prior/ALLSPORT

The Goalie needs no introduction. So we won’t give him one. Every Rangers fan definitively remembers ‘that’ double save in the Old Firm v Van Hooijdonk and Larsson, two utterly world class saves, point blank, in a row, which broken Celtic fans’ hearts and earned him their respect, even if they hated him.

Andy was one of those 9IAR legends who came to the club as a fairly unassuming but promising Hibs stopper, and evolved into a physics-defying machine, a goalie who could do the impossible.

Allan McGregor owes so much of his own brilliance to Andy, with no better inspiration to show you how to produce saves so ridiculous they’re literally impossible. Allan himself has done a few, but there’s no question he has been inspired by a true Great in Goram.

Andy once said if we’d signed Brian Laudrup one season earlier, we’d have won that Champions League inaugural season – and that would have made him the first goalkeeper to have won the Champions League.

And he’d have deserved that – he was that good.

He was world class for Rangers, it’s that simple.

For a goal to be scored against Andy, it had to be special, and in Europe, the memorable corker from the late Daniel Prodan (RIP) for Steaua was special. Both men are no longer with us, but we’re sure Danny is firing shots at Andy in the sky as we speak. We reckon that one is a score draw…

But Goram was more than just a legend, he was a gent too. We never had the honour of meeting the man, but by every account we hear, he was a truly decent guy, always having time for those around him.

And that’s almost better to be remembered by than what he did on the field.

But in fairness, how could he not be remembered for those exploits between the sticks.

Andy was a legend, pure and simple, and he’s earned that place of immortality.

Pierre and Henrik will never forget him, that’s for sure.

RIP Andy.

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  1. A total gentleman, a legend , a great laugh. I had rhe great pleasure of meeting Andy a couple of times , he was great company . His love for Rangers was 2nd to none . RIP Andy …The Goalie

  2. A sad day indeed. In these days of instant “legends” Andy was the real deal. A true legend. For me he’s always one of the players that always sticks out from that period of many great Rangers players. He let Rangers into his heart and for that he’ll always be remembered as one of us. The best compliment we can pay him is simply to call him THE Goalie.

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