Rangers-hater gets his just-deserts

Rangers-hater gets his just-deserts
19th September 2021 Tannadice Park, Dundee, Scotland: Scottish Premier League football, Dundee United versus Dundee Leigh Griffiths of Dundee makes the short walk from Dens Park to Tannadice PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUK ActionPlus12323961 DavidxYoung

We know a lot of you won’t care one iota about Leigh Griffiths, and you’re right not to, but we can’t help feeling a sense of justice over the former Celtic striker.

Given the things he did against Rangers in his career (snot, anyone) not to mention the criminal offences he actually got away with off the pitch, that the 31-year old is now bemoaning his lot and crying foul about his circumstances shows somewhat how he hasn’t learned his lesson at all, despite claiming he has.

This is a guy who has escaped prison sentences more than once, and who we used to actually defend on this site on the grounds of mental illness, but who used up that goodwill completely when he got off with allegedly grooming underage girls online, among a litany of other appalling behaviour.

In short, his interview, to his friends at the s*n (no surprise there) about how ‘he’s made mistakes’ and is being ‘taught a lesson’ rather reveals how he doesn’t actually think he’s in the wrong at all.

He sounds like a victim, like he’s suffering an unjust fate, and that he’s paying the price for someone else’s errors:

“Yes, I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my time, but I’m still a human being at the end of the day. I still fully believe I’ll get there.”

Not an inch of remorse for those mistakes, just the notion that ‘och well, that’s the past, it’s all about now’.

Quite frankly Griffiths sounds like he’s simply feeling sorry for himself.

Unfortunately Leigh, you’re now reaping what you’ve sown.

Sympathy for you is short in supply these days.

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  1. He’s his own worst enemy
    I’ve no sympathy for him whatsoever
    You reap what you sow thumb!!!

  2. Doesnt look like this little prick will get another oppurtunity to tie celtic scarves or flags round the bears goalposts any time soon …unless he runs on the pitch with his irish tricolours round him next old firm game as a fan ,which you wouldnt put past him .
    What goes around comes around .

  3. Must be on the sex register by now,a danger to the public,using a gambling addiction plea to hide the real shame
    Whos having the last now,

  4. He would have fitted in well at his previous club then ……they have history with that carry on .

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