Rangers fans need to lay off Ryan Kent

Rangers fans need to lay off Ryan Kent
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - JULY 19: Ryan Kent of Rangers is seen in action during the pre-season friendly match between Rangers and West Ham United at Ibrox Stadium on July 19, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Once again Ryan Kent is the subject for unfair criticism with fans taking to social media and Ibrox Noise channels to vent their dissatisfaction at the winger.

After he had a quiet match v Spurs, the usual fashionable criticism piped up calling him lazy, weak, and more and more joined this same bandwagon.

It’s true he wasn’t at his zippy best yesterday, but he certainly didn’t want for trying, and he WAS impressive against West Ham.

It seems to us a trend of the modern Rangers fan is to pick on players who don’t deserve it, when they have a singular match which is slightly below their normal standards.

The same fans, incidentally, singing the Kent song and espousing him for England after his Dortmund triumphs, are now pointing out how **** he is and how he should be dropped.

It’s true, the lad DOES need to sort his contract out – we understand he’s mulling it over but is happy and settled here.

But he’s becoming an increasingly easy target for criticism on the occasions he doesn’t set the heather alight.

It’s correct that he should face competition for his place – no player should be complacent (Connor, we’re looking at you) and the likes of Wright, Lawrence, Matondo etc will help keep Kenty checking the rear view mirror.

But if you had any doubt about Kent’s importance, we remind you of how bad Wright was early last season when the first choice got injured – the ex-Aberdeen man was a pale imitation of Kent, and very little was going down Rangers’ left at all.

This was when some fans, who have probably forgotten now, realised they took Kent a bit for granted, because his return was affectionately received.

Moral of the story?

Lay off Kent. There are players in our shirt justifying their places far less than the former Liverpool man is, and we’d very much miss him if he wasn’t there.

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  1. Never criticised his ability or application. I just feels he needs to decide that he wants to commit, let’s be honest the Famous are probably his pinnacle , yes he might get a few dollars more at a lower EPL or European team but we’re pretty special .

  2. If you are saying that Kent’s 2 or 3 league goals last season was acceptable for a player of his ability, then you are utterly deluding yourself!

    • Actually backhanded compliment – at least you acknowledge he’s excellent. Most fans have now decided he’s p*sh. Yes, he needs to up his goals scored, never said he didn’t.

  3. Kent does blow a bit hot and cold, just like every winger I’ve ever known. It’s the nature of the position. Some days you’re up, some you’re down, and sometimes the opposing full back has a good match. But the thing I like about Ryan Kent is he’ll take the ball again and keep trying. And when he gets it right he is a match winner. Give him support and he will reward you.

  4. Kent’s is class and always will be,he will step up when its the real deal iam sure

  5. I dont agree ,if kent is not scoring enough,form inconsistent and clealry holding out for a move to another club ,then why should the fans be happy with that ?
    He is getting fantastically paid and gets the pleasure of turning out for glasgow rangers ,if the fans arent happy with his form or commitment they have the right to let him know .

  6. Ryan is our best player, get off his back. He gives 100 per cent, my message to the moaners is be careful what you wish for.

  7. He was the one player who single handedly destroyed last season and was one of the pinnacle players who got us to a European final. Wish the fans would stay of his back.

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