Rangers’ ‘big three’ need to make their minds up

Rangers’ ‘big three’ need to make their minds up
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 16: Ryan Kent of Rangers looks on as he warms up prior to the UEFA Europa League group A match between Rangers FC and Olympique Lyon at Ibrox Stadium on September 16, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

It is becoming a tad disquieting now that Rangers’ trio of Kent, Aribo and Morelos are putting the club in the same position that Connor Goldson did, whereby all three have been offered terms by the club as the final year of their deal approaches but none of them have committed.

Just like Goldson.

Rangers could easily find themselves again in a ‘held to ransom’ scenario by yet more players, looking to see what options appear elsewhere to their liking, rather than just signing a new contract with Rangers.

Goldson, by his own word, effectively admitted he was waiting on a better deal down south, by revealing he didn’t actually decide to re-sign for Rangers till the day before he did. Which was 30th of May this year.

He’d been offered the deal in May 2020 and the negotiations had begun the previous October.

So anyone who thinks Rangers was his first choice is kidding themselves – even Gio confirmed the defender staying was only a slim chance.

Now we find Kent, Morelos and Aribo in the same boat – holding us to ransom?

Hard to say if it’s justifiably describable as that, but it is disappointing that into July now these guys are into the last year of their contracts and there’s nothing on an extension.

We know fans are worried, the only info we have is Kent has been offered, but is keeping his options open amid interest from Leeds, Germany and Spain, while Aribo didn’t even get offered a deal because he didn’t come to the negotiating table yet – word is his agents are to speak to Crystal Palace. Lastly, Morelos was offered but wants some specific clauses.

We just do not know which way any of these men will go, and arguably they’re our 3 biggest assets outside Bassey, and they’re perilously close to leaving for nothing.

It’s no wonder there’s fan concern over it.

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  1. This is putting Gio and RFC in some position with this fkn carryon,how do they know who to bring in with these players leaving it to the last minute to decide whether to stick or twist,must be fkn nightmare,sitting twiddling thumbs all day,will they wont they,this new system the players or agents have created must be stopped some way or other its not good for our club,
    Is this happening at other clubs or just Rangers

  2. This was always going to happen especially given our increased profile in Europe after the final. Let’s hope we can get them either out the door for as much profit as we can or get them other deals.

  3. This is a problem caused by the club themselves by poorly managing these players contracts. You can’t blame the players for having ambitions to play at a higher level. My worry isn’t that they go it’s that they go for buttons and we end up at back as an “old prices” club.
    Of course it could be that the club have been trying and failed and been caught out by trying to continue the success of 55 and seeking CL football.

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