Notorious Celtic blogger admits defeat on 10-year Rangers slander

Notorious Celtic blogger admits defeat on 10-year Rangers slander
Wonder what this man is thinking....

It’s not often we mention Mad Phil. In fact, since Ibrox Noise was born in 2011, we think we’ve only referred to the mental blogger a handful of times, and not for years.

We saw something recently referring to him though, and on closer inspection, yes, we can confirm it’s true.

After 10 years of peddling admin2 and the death of Rangers, our curious Irish friend has officially, unequivocally and entirely thrown in the towel:

One gentleman asked ‘when are sevco gonna die permanently and have Ibrox bulldozed [paraphrased]’.

Mr Three Names (which I can’t even be bothered to waste my time copying and pasting never mind spelling) replied:

‘Highly unlikely. The directors step up when needed and the club is now making money from player trading’.

So… let’s just have a little look at that (published 6 days ago):

After making his entire career the past decade by pandering to the Sevconians that our club was going to suffer a second admin, never letting up, he has now dismissed his entire ‘career’ as a lie and conceded he was wrong and wasted his fellow nutters’ time.

Not only that, he has admitted, indirectly, that Rangers never even died. The chap asked when we’d ‘die permanently’ which, of course, is a total paradox, and Mr TT replied that was unlikely.

Meaning we never actually ‘died’ in the first place.

Now, you may wonder why a popular and well-loved (thank you, thank you, you’ve been a lovely audience you really have) Rangers site like Ibrox Noise would waste its time babbling about a complete mentalist Celtic blogger.

And you’d be right – but it’s the sheer persistence of the man, never letting up for TEN YEARS obsessively about our club, until eventually, finally, ultimately and at long last in a throwaway reply to a (fellow) mad nutter on his site he concedes ‘yes, for 10 years I said this stuff and I was wrong the whole time on the main two points’.

As if we thought any different.

We had it too on Ibrox Noise – the Sevconians on the site daily, telling us the most elaborate admin2 tales, the ‘tick tock’ every single 24 hours.

We then tightened up comments to stop anonymous mentals making their points, but did end up with a stalker or two to say the least….

But the past few years?

Massive reduction, to near silence this past 4 or five months. Even losing the UEL final didn’t attract the usual swarm of derision from that lot.

And now the big bad most mental mentalist one of them all, the uber Sevconian made up of bits of lesser Sevconians has admitted defeat.

Throwing away everything in a matter of a tiny post on his site, a reply to another mental case.

Ahhhh you gotta laugh…

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  1. Maybe much like the manky mob member calling clyde wan the other night, furious about bassey being sold for 22 million ,he should go try get a life and support and concentrate on his OWN team .

  2. We’r reaching levels now the eastenders cant match and they know it,
    Rangers are playing with swagger now,
    As seen the other night v west ham,it was a canter

  3. It is hilarious that when Celtic fans claim we died their proof of death certificate is a newspaper’s premature ejaculated headline not knowing all the scenarios that could be played out before any conclusions and they have become more delusional and full of hate because we survived all attempts by those with the narrative to try and kill us off! Rangers then, now and forever Watp!

  4. There will be lots of tears at the rotten mobs place this season, they were average to poor last season and have not added much quality , or indeed finances , let’s be honest had we not given them the league , they would be struggling again to get in to any European set up. So let’s just smile wave and watch .Because we ate the people…and no one should forget it

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