New Croat trio at Ibrox ready to shine

New Croat trio at Ibrox ready to shine
Rangers all-new Croatia contingent (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers and our fans made quite a fuss of having three Nigerian internationals last season, albeit at no point did all three every feature in the same Super Eagles XI at once.

However, this summer has seen one freed and one sold, meaning, by the genius of arithmetic, Rangers are down to just one in the form of Calvin Bassey.

But as if as some kind of spiritual successor, the arrival of Antonio Colak, even if the lad is actually German in every sense (Yugoslav parents who moved to Germany before Croatia existed) aside his national team, has seen the Croat contingent increase to three, replacing the former Nigerian trio.

But more than that, the pertinent question is thus:

Can the arrival of Colak help bring the best out of Niko and Borna, and could Rangers have a surprise three stars rising in prominence?

This is of course absolute conjecture, and just guesswork, but the training photo of all three walking together did seem to hint at a nice new future for them and the club, with Niko playing a big role preseason, and Colak starting v Sunderland, maybe we’ll start to see Borna’s best again too.

Of course, it probably won’t work out that way – Gio will pick the best players, and manage the squad and team the way he sees best, but it would be a nice feelgood story if our all-new Croat Contingent were deemed good enough to become a core part of Gio’s Gers.

And if we think of any more alliteration, we’ll let you know.

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  1. As i commented before , I think barrasic could be a different player with katic back ,his form dipped when he left .You cannot underestimate a great friend leaving club and defensive understanding ,what a bonus if these 2 came back to their old selves ,would be like multi million signings .
    Ability doesnt desert you just confidence .

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