Gio gives major updates on Kent & Morelos deals

Gio gives major updates on Kent & Morelos deals
Both offered new deals....

GVB has confirmed both Ryan Kent and Alfredo Morelos have been offered new deals but suggests interest in them ‘isn’t very high’ with regards to exits.

Speaking in Portugal today about the exit of Joe Aribo (more on that later) and the signing of Antonio Colak, the manager acknowledged some players are in the final years of their contracts and while there’s big interest in one (Aribo) the other two are not so.

So it appears that while Rangers have offered the duo new contracts, like Connor Goldson it’s been left in limbo and there’s little interest in their signatures.

So, going by Gio’s comments, expect another year-long saga of will they sign or not just like the vice-captain.


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  1. If these 2 players decide not to sign new deals , i can actually see where the bold ally is coming from .A worrying trend is indeed starting to take place at the brox ,where players are now deciding to wind down the last year and showcase their talents for the premiership etc and get themselves a bumper contract in to bargain .
    Goldson is only still there as nobody really interested ,kent looks the same .
    i feel rangers now need to take a stance and possibly go down the mclean route ,ie if you dont sign you can rot in reserves .I dont see why we should invest 15 million in likes of kent (wages plus fee ) to see him walk for nowt at end of next year and unlike morelos he hasnt actually made us money in europe and hardly any fee .
    Time to toughen up with these guys .We are a business as well after all .

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