A game of two halves – a very different Rangers ratings….

A game of two halves – a very different Rangers ratings….
LIVINGSTON, SCOTLAND - JULY 30: James Tavernier of Rangers celebrates his side's 2nd goal from a free kick during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Livingston FC and Rangers FC at Tony Macaroni Arena on July 30, 2022 in Livingston, United Kingdom. (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

In a change to the advertised scheduling, Ibrox Noise brings you a game of two halves.

A ratings system which sums up two completely different matches. Hope you enjoy:

First half:


Dire. Shockingly poor positioning for the goal, naïve handling, at 6s and 7s with his defence. 3


Lots of attempts at crossing but none hitting their market – got frustrated and didn’t get forward enough. 5


Stood motionless for their goal, blaming everyone else as always. Otherwise lots of possession and passing as usual. 5


Really struggled with the pace, was beaten humiliatingly for the goal and had absolutely no relationship with Barisic. 3


Another one culpable at the goal, was too deep and didn’t close anyone down. Crossing was poor. 4


Horrendous – caught repeatedly on the ball, and guilty of lazy fouls, Kamara looked like the epitome of a passenger. 3


Didn’t shy, kept the ball moving, swept plenty of balls wide, tried to make the match splutter to life. 7


Unable to impress himself – was attracting defenders but wasn’t managing to use the ball well at all. 5


Worked hard, kept running, drawing fouls, and while technically limited he was probably the best player on the pitch for Rangers in the first half. 7


Absolutely anonymous. 4


Completely starved of service and was unable to do much. 6

So, now we move onto the second half, a different ball game…


Had nothing to do, so his failings weren’t really exposed this time. 5


Led, ran, scored, the captain did the shirt proud as he upped his and everyone else’s games. 7


Didn’t have much to do in the second half beyond passing the ball and keeping things ticking. 6


Ok, it was the 65th minute but he was infinitely more calm and steady than the struggling Souttar. 6


Far better next to the American. Looked more at ease, more confident and more comfortable. Got forward with assurance. 7


See first half. And could have scored. 7


Night and day compared to the weak performance of Kamara. He changed the game completely and showed why he remains utterly indispensable. 10


A massive assist for Scotty and looked energised by his arrival. Kent made things happen in the second half. 8


Not much of a stand out here, looked a bit overwhelmed by the pace. 5


Had a wonderful header wrongly ruled out for offside, and was able to get much more involved. Less starved this time. A natural goalscorer. 6


Tidied things up and cemented midfield. 6


He hoped his men would start better than this, but unfortunately that first half will probably be the low point of the whole season. He made one change in the second which changed things only marginally, but it was adding Scotty and Sands which changed it all, especially Scotty. Gio won’t be thrilled with a number of his players, and a few of them have hinted they don’t have what it takes. They’ll need to up their games. But that second half will please him, his changes and the change in attitude fixed everything. 7

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  1. Would have kept Wright on her was the only player first half to be making things happen. Also we sre crying out for a commanding CB and we are letting one go (Katic) theres no way he would have been bullied like Goldson and Souttar today.

  2. New signings looked nervous in the first half. Did Colak even have a touch? Scott Wright unlucky to be hooked at half time, unless he’s taken a knock. Better tempo in the second half. Scotty Arfield will have a big role to play this season. You’ve been a bit harsh on McLaughlin recently, give him a chance!

  3. Scott Wright 7 your having a laugh he was shocking and was quite rightly hooked at half time. Colak never offside so poor officiating from day 1 take the 3 points and move on.

    • Wright bet several players, and even when he didnt beat them its cos he was chopped dwn. He was only one in first half who was trying to go through livy instead of playing side to side.

  4. Once again Goldson exposes both his CH partner Souttar and Rangers defence , no wonder he doesn’t get injured ..he doesn’t comitt to buggerall . Katic would not have been bullied like that ffs. Colak looks good but his movement is not even close to Morelos his goal was onside. Agree McLaughlin was poor for the goal he doesn’t seem to position himself well. I’d like to see Davies as Souttar maybe struggling with the weight of the Blue Jersey . We need Alfredo big time.

  5. I agree with most of your ratings other than Mclaughlin (a tad harsh as he should have been able to rely on Barisic or Soutar to do their jobs) and Tillman – I think he showed enough to make me confident that he will prove to be a good acquisition.

  6. Blackpool beach is missing 2 donkeys, Kamara and Wright, neither are good enough, l pray both never put on a blue shirt again, would struggle to give both players away for free

  7. How can you possibly say Tillman was overwhelmed by the pace. He was v good considering his 1st appearance. He made a great impact. As did arf and sands. WATP

  8. This is what I feared when I complained we were taking too long to bring players in. I was later told that I was worrying unnecessarily when players started to flood in. But they were missing the point. These players should’ve been there on the first day of pre-season.
    Where was Davies? Not fit enough.
    Where was Yilmaz? Work permit not through yet.
    Why didn’t Tillman start? Not considered fit enough.
    Why was Souttar so poor? Hasn’t worked enough with his new defensive colleagues.
    Why was Lawrence so anonymous? Hasn’t played enough with new team mates.
    Ditto Colak.
    Had these players been signed earlier they’d all be fitter, they’d all know their new team mates better, they’d all be better schooled on our system of play, all the appropriate administration would’ve been done. And maybe we could’ve played more warm up games to get the new players integrated into the team.
    The exact same thing happened last year and we were really flat for months.

  9. Good observations Robrob57. I was happy to let GVB do his stuff , I suppose the catalyst for all the business was Bassey and Aribo obviously. We need the CL group stage to put us back in the full place we deserve to be . I am reasonably happy moving forward once we get Morelos back , he’s a real game changer for all of our aspirations.

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