56 or UCL – where Rangers real priorities lie

56 or UCL – where Rangers real priorities lie
This picture shows the UEFA Champions League logo prior to the draw for the 2021/2022 European football tournament in Istanbul on August 26, 2021. (Photo by OZAN KOSE / AFP) (Photo by OZAN KOSE/AFP via Getty Images)

We’ve seen a few fans arguing how 56 is the number one priority this season, wresting the title back from Celtic.

We agree – but with a caveat.

The number one priority right here and right now for Rangers FC is getting to the group stage of the Champions League, and all that that entails.

As big as Livi is on Saturday, we want the win more for confidence to travel to Belgium with than the pure points haul.

That £40M pot of gold for getting to the group stage is simply too much for Rangers to deprioritise. And it’s point critical we get there.

We wouldn’t carry too much importance into the team selection for Saturday, Gio will pick the best side on the day to get the job done – but he will very much have a big eye on next week’s first leg.

ONCE, and we repeat, ONCE the group stages are (fingers crossed) secured and that massive injection of cash comes with it, THEN it’s 100% 56, and nothing else. Everything outside of the league at that point is a bonus and we will relish the challenge.

But before we get to the group stages, they have to be the absolute key priority. Once achieved, it’s all about 56.

Does that seem fair to you?

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  1. Yes agree , we need the financial CL boost 100% and also our European Standing. We also need to win 56 without a doubt. I think you call it right , 56 will take care of its self I’m sure. Especially given the real concerns sensible pundits are saying about the rotten mob’s pish defence .

  2. Rangers most important game is as always the next one. But I take your point. Securing CL group football takes the pressure off and will allow us to refocus and pay attention to 56. I think too our bigger and more rounded squad (if we can hold onto Kent and Morelos) will allow us to manage all tournaments better.

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