UEFA Rangers sham exposed as Real Madrid step in

UEFA Rangers sham exposed as Real Madrid step in
Glasgow Rangers supporters celebrate after Rangers' Nigerian midfielder Joseph Ayodele-Aribo (not seen) scored his team's first goal during the UEFA Europa League final football match between Eintracht Frankfurt and Glasgow Rangers at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan stadium in Seville on May 18, 2022. (Photo by Pierre-Philippe MARCOU / AFP) (Photo by PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU/AFP via Getty Images)

We remember those press conferences with Aleksander Čeferin anointing himself judge and jury to humanity as a host of European clubs tried to shake up the claustrophobic and corrupt world of European football governance with the Euro Super League. We remember the support for UEFA from fans who were disgusted by the ESL because UEFA and Gary Neville told them to be, and we also remember we were one of the few who thought it a good idea.

We also remember the silence from the same masses when UEFA basically introduced the same idea themselves, with no outrage at all.

So forgive us for saying we ‘told you so’ now that UEFA are the bad guys again following the Champions League and Europa League finals in which their conduct went something below reprehensible (as always) and the likes of Gary Lineker (and we presume, Neville) demand answers over the horrendous scenes in Paris.

We also have to note the fact UEFA basically ignored what Rangers and Frankfurt fans complained about, with a pathetically wet apology which still managed to blame the fans for what happened in Sevilla.

It’s only once Euro powerhouse Real Madrid got involved as a result of those horror scenes in France that the governing body fell all over themselves to apologise and try to put things right.

Any particular reason you were a lot less interested in the plight of Rangers and Frankfurt fans, UEFA?

It’s all about power, money and influence, and Real are the biggest powerhouse in world football by a mile. They always have been. UEFA could get away with anything, but once Real got involved, UEFA had to take notice.

Rangers? Frankfurt? Doesn’t matter so much. Even Liverpool’s fans didn’t matter so much. The same fans, incidentally, some supporters on Ibrox Noise decided to condemn as criminals, despite being tear-gassed on false pretences by the French police. Yeah, very few come out of this looking good.

But UEFA are the worst – to so flippantly disregard Rangers fans despite the risk to life that night, and only take the complaints of Real seriously shows how vile this governing body is and how rotten European football has become.

We have little hope for European football ever cleaning itself up, because the criminals that run it are worse than any French policeman.


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  1. I think we have always suspected that the major powers get it all their own way in CL ,EUL competitions ,this merely confirms it ,liverpool and madrid get pissed off governments and uefa raise investigations and apoligise .
    Rangers fans get herded in like cattle and shamefully get water taken off them in 35 degree heat and our nutless government and uefa couldnt care less ….2nd class doesnt even cover it ! .

  2. Agree with your comments about UEFA and if you want to go further, FIFA. That doesn’t make the ESL a good idea though. Having watched European football competition for years, I firmly believe that the big clubs from Germany (Bayern), Italy (Inter, Juventus & Milan) and Spain (Barcelona & Real) are listened to more than anyone else. Consequently, these clubs get the benefit of doubt when controversy is encountered with refereeing decisions. Maybe not always, but generally they do. The happiness on UEFA officials faces as Real Madrid won this year’s Champions League was, for me, self-explanatory. Johnny Bluet.

  3. Uefa need to run the tournaments themselves instead of leaving it to the chosen country to run as for some reason their seems to have been issues at both European finals I think uefa need to actually take control of the finals be on the ground instead of hiding in an office blaming everyone apart from themselves at the moment uefa are a disgrace and unfit for purpose in my eyes change needs to happen from the top

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