The £350,000 SPFL scandal set to cost Rangers

The £350,000 SPFL scandal set to cost Rangers
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Neil Doncaster is once again left looking a complete fool after trying to big up the measly £2.2M prize pot on offer for the League Cup after Premier Sports ‘saved’ the tournament.

Once more, our league governors bring in a truly horrendous deal, selling the game short and bringing in funds which mock the game north of the border, following the utterly pathetic cinch deal which works out to £37,000 per club through the tiers.

This one is actually worse – the marque showpiece occasion, the winning of a domestic cup will score the victors a ‘fantastic’ £350,000, which is absolute pennies to the majority of the sides in the SPL and will only actually benefit Championship and below.

Indeed, Doncaster’s gall in praising the difference this money will make to Scottish sides overlooks the fact the ones who’ll benefit are about 10% likely to even have a sliver of a chance of winning it.

Doncaster and the SPFL currently look like cinch and Premier Sports’ b*s, bending forwards to take whatever horrific deal they can in order to have a logo over the tournament and pretend it’s actually to the betterment of our game.

The likelihood of Rangers or Celtic winning these cups is very, very high, and £350,000 to either of these clubs is chicken feed.

If you think about other tournaments, a tennis Grand Slam LOSER gets about £1.2M. So just for getting to the final. Same in golf, millions.

But in Scotland, it’s hundreds of thousands and only to the winner.

As for cinch, well we’ve covered that enough.

Doncaster has absolutely no shame.

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  1. Rank amateur earning an absolute fortune. Wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the real business world. I remember Barry Hearn the snooker and darts manager slating the deals done in Scottish football years ago and things have actually got worse since then.

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