Sense from defence – Goldson deal changes everything

Sense from defence – Goldson deal changes everything
Rangers' Italian-born English defender Calvin Bassey attends a team training session at the Rangers Training Centre in Glasgow on May 12, 2022, ahead of their Europa League final football match against Eintracht Frankfurt on May 18th. (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN / AFP) (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

With Connor Goldson’s extension, it’s shaken up defence a fair bit in the sense that up till two days ago everyone, including GVB, was planning for life without the stopper, but then that’s all changed in the blink of an eye so we at Ibrox Noise wanted to go through the state of play in the heart of the reaguard.

Who do we have, who do we want, and the general picture in easily the most volatile section of the team.

Connor Goldson:

He’s staying for another four years, but while there was an initial outpouring of relief, that’s been accompanied more now with apathy. This guy will always divide fans, and he is likely now to be, as usual, the first choice who will always play no matter what. If he is fit, and he always is, he will play.

So then it’s down to who partners him.

Calvin Bassey:

Unless Bassey is sold for a whopping amount of money, the Nigerian superstar (who had another sterling outing for his country although they lost) is 100% as undroppable as Goldson now, but in his case it’s on merit. The difference also between the two is Bassey can operate at the top level either as CB or LB, making him incredibly versatile.

John Souttar:

He is not here to be on the bench. Souttar was signed as a first team starter, and as long as he is fit, and proves his merits, he will play as Goldson’s main partner. That looks pretty certain now.

Filip Helander:

Too injured, and it’s a problem – as we said before, he can be thankful his deal didn’t expire this summer because he wouldn’t have been offered a new one. Helander is a top defender but just 70 appearances since he joined is scant return for the £3M transfer fee. We’d consider him dead weight at this point.

Leon Balogun:

Is said to be in talks for a new deal but there are no guarantees he’ll get one. Time will tell but like Helander, he’s treacherously unfit and breaks down too easily. He should be offered a pay as you play deal.

Niko Katic:

Another one well down the pecking order, Katic is back from Croatia and is something of an unknown quantity these days. Did well in his homeland but not well enough for them to buy him, either that or they couldn’t afford him. We couldn’t begin to suggest what his Rangers future holds for him.

Leon King:

Let’s not forget young King, who has impressed on his cameos. He’s just starting to break into the first team, but he has a lot to learn. He’s one to watch.

So, as things now stand Rangers’ first-choice back four is:

Tavernier, Goldson, Souttar, Bassey, with alternative of Tavernier, Goldson, Bassey and Barisic.

As for Balogun, Katic, Helander and King? Well that’s why we have depth is it not?

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  1. I’d guess he’s not adding anything at the back other than Souttar, especially now it’s been confirmed Balogun is leaving. I recon King and Devine are good enough to deputise behind what we have and unless one of/or multiples of Katic, Helander or Barasic are moved on then I’d be happy to move forward with what’s remaining. Investment in the forward areas are more essential looking at that list of those remaining.

  2. Balogun has gone, Helander forever injured, King not quite ready and I’m not sure he has the physique, Bassey is likely to go and has limitations at CB. I think Gio needs to sign someone to partner Goldson with Souttar as back up.

  3. Hey I just see a defence that’ll always be fit it means any of the first 4 real at 90% well there are class players to call on.

  4. Barasic should be first out the door and Bassey given the left wing back shirt , he is not a centre half and most effective as a wing back .

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