Scottish press make BIG claim on Rangers’ Alfredo

Scottish press make BIG claim on Rangers’ Alfredo
ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND - JANUARY 10: Alfredo Morelos of Rangers celebrates scoring his team's second goal during the Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership match between Aberdeen and Rangers at Pittodrie Stadium on January 10, 2021 in Aberdeen, Scotland. Sporting stadiums around Scotland remain under strict restrictions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic as Government social distancing laws prohibit fans inside venues resulting in games being played behind closed doors. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

So we’ve seen this Alfredo ‘signing a mandate with a Spanish company for representation’ claim from two outlets – one being the DR, where the story started, and Ibrox News, who ripped the story from the red top.

The big question is what the hell is that even meant to mean?!

It’s literally a meaningless phrase which everyone is repeating without actually having a clue what it means, and that includes us at Ibrox Noise.

We guess, if you read between the lines, the DR, who get everything right about Freddo of course (!), claim that he’s signed some contract with a Spanish agency in order to give himself credibility with negotiations to Spanish sides, but unless we’re crazily mistaken, since when on earth did any player EVER do anything like this.

We did something really awful, for you, the readers of Ibrox Noise. We took one for the team, and CLICKED the DR for the first time in years, because absolutely no one else, aside that News bunch, were bothering with this story.

We saw it on a few forums too, the claim being made that folk were seeing this online from multiple outlets.

As we say, it’s just two – DR and News.

And the story by the DR? Contains absolutely no evidence their vague claim is true:

“The forward, who is going into the final year of his Ibrox contract, has recently signed a mandate with a Spanish agency for representation in several countries in Europe who are pushing him hard.”

No mention of the agency’s name, no mention of what their claim actually means, just a vague rhetoric.

A mandate?! Since when do footballers sign these with ‘agencies’?

And are they trying to claim he’s changed agent for the second time in months?

It’s all very dodgy, and while it’s not a headline story, this time, good old News have sure used it for traffic.

What we’re saying is take these claims with a pinch of salt – we can find nothing on this story to prove its integrity.

It’s from a guy called Scott Burns who doesn’t actually write for the DR, he’s from the Express, and very tellingly his account isn’t verified, which for a journo with a big national paper is very strange.

All in all, pinch of salt, or sack of saxa. Your choice.

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  1. As much as we appreciate it, don’t take one for the team again guys. You’ve wasted your time in finding out exactly what you would expect from these useless sods that call themselves journalist…absolutely heehaw.

  2. Not much in this apart from wee alfie wanting his agents to get their finger out and find him a new club pronto in his desired location I reckon .
    Lets face it ,the guy has wanted out for a while and they havent done a very good job of finding him a club who will pay anywhere near what rangers want .

    • If that is true, and it might well be, then we should be worried. What’s probably happened up till now is that we could demand a big fee because he was under a long contract. So there would be no incentive in that case for Morelos to sign a new contract when he can leave for nothing next summer or perhaps a cheap deal now.

  3. Yes it is rather worrying ,and not a good way to run a business .It does look like rangers should have taken the 16.6 million from Lille in hindsight ,however as happens a lot at rangers ,the fans went tonto at prospect and board listened ,looks like it may be another laudrup in prospect .
    We have made a lot of money in europe which he has contributed to hugely ,so perhaps not that bad ,man u watched a 90 million pound player walk for nowt as no one would pay for him .He has been outstanding value for 1 million .

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