Rangers’ squad proven to be more valuable than Celtic’s

Rangers’ squad proven to be more valuable than Celtic’s
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While the Times’ story this morning about Celtic and Rangers’ player values as quoted from admittedly very fine data website transfermarkt is a bit of a non-story in itself, it is a very telling insight into recruitment quality on both sides of the Old Firm and how while the east may have more money from historically being better at selling for big profit, as things currently stand, it’s Rangers who have done a far better job of simmering our squad and making it more valuable.

Admittedly the same site then did the same thing for Celtic, found a stat which has them top instead, because if you didn’t know, Evening Times is Old Firm neutral and doesn’t cater to either side, instead attempting to appease both.

And in the Celtic top stat they found the overall value of their players had hiked more sharply in the past year, with Rangers’ Calvin Bassey unsurprisingly topping the lot.

But it’s that overall squad value we’re interested in.

We know transfermarkt is based on estimation and data, so might not quite translate completely to the real world, but the fact more Rangers players are in the overall top 10 for highest value says a lot about how far this squad has come since Steven Gerrard took charge.

6 Gerrard signings are in the top 10 – Kent, Lundstram, Aribo, Kamara, Goldson, and Bassey, with one Warburton there (Tav of course) and one Pedro one (Morelos).

And another stat we found ourselves is the top 7 lifetime value increase is filled with Rangers players to the tune of 4 (Celtic have two and Aberdeen have one).

What we are saying is Rangers have done a better job of building a valuable squad over the past 5 years than Celtic have.

Their model is to buy a player then sell him pretty quick – Rangers hold onto theirs longer to maximise the returns and in the cases of Kamara, Morelos, Aribo and Kent, it’s definitely worked, albeit with the caveats in three of those cases of final years of deals.

Definitely, market value wise, Rangers have a more valuable squad on paper. And, in reality too.

We did sell a fringe player for £16M after all.

But of course, actually getting those numbers depends on massive variables, and this summer window will reveal those.

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