Offers made for Bale and Ramsey as Rangers stand by

Offers made for Bale and Ramsey as Rangers stand by
PARIS, FRANCE - MAY 28: Gareth Bale of Real Madrid following the UEFA Champions League final match between Liverpool FC and Real Madrid at Stade de France on May 28, 2022 in Paris, France. (Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)

Any lingering embers some Rangers fans may have had for signing Aaron Ramsey on a permanent have hopefully been doused with the confirmation Cardiff City are preparing contracts for both him and Gareth Bale, appealing to both players’ urgent need for match fitness and games before this year’s world cup.

Some Rangers supporters had hoped the club might make a move for our previously on-loan star, but once the Wales star left, having said goodbye, the climate changed to most wishing him well and very few eager for his permanent signature.

As for Bale? His former wages of £600,000 were ridiculous, so the Cymru icon is having to take a giant cut for his next club whoever it is, and if it’s to be Cardiff, that’s the Championship, which can still offer considerably more than the SPL can.

But of course, Rangers have Champions League and potential Europa League next season, and as a top 10 Euro side we really do have some pull now.

But Cardiff have the Welsh factor in favour of a sentimental homecoming for both players, neither of whom have ever actually plied their trades on terra firma.

As for Ramsey, Rangers have no interest in regaining his services, but the Bale one is different.

While it was previously fantasy football, that Cardiff in the Championship are in line to make him a serious offer, one he might accept, there’s definitely scope that Rangers aren’t completely out of the picture.

The addition of Ramsey made us very credible and the Euro run made everyone notice.

So it’s not impossible, but boy is that lad going to have to take a wage cut.

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  1. I said a while ago ramsay would end up in wales as no big club in EPL would take the chance same goes for bale ,they just seem to concentrate on their national side these two .
    Did not look same ramsay who played for rangers in welsh shirt other day ……

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