No Rangers Scotland bumbles to another fail

No Rangers Scotland bumbles to another fail
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - JUNE 08: Scotland manager Steve Clarke in relaxed mood ahead of the UEFA Nations League League B Group 1 match between Scotland and Armenia at Hampden Park National Stadium on June 08, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

It’s not often we talk about Scotland, in fact we talk about them less than we talk about the green shower, but these days given we have two current Gers in the national setup and quite a few ex-players, we wanted a quick blether about how absolutely diabolical Steve Clarke’s Scotland side actually is, and how much of an illusion his past ‘success’ was.

Let’s first of all look at the real Scotland – that’s the one that showed up last night.

Against an absolutely horrendous ROI side (possibly the worst ROI side in decades) Scotland were completely outclassed, thumped, and humiliated. In that order.

This was a Scotland who the manager decided to start no Souttar, no Patterson, and leave Gilmour totally mismanaged unable to affect the match.

Yes, the Rangers angle. Biased? Of course we are. But any moron can tell you you need your best players to have a chance, and Scotland’s best defender was on the bench, and our best option on the right as well.

Clarke’s regime has been one great big flattering of deception. Remember how we got to the Euros via the complete back door?

Having scraped our way there, on penalties as well, Clarke played nothing but defensively and cowardly, not giving Gilmour his chance until the second match for that matter.

This was a chance to maybe do the nation proud, give it a go, once in a lifetime chance.

But no, Cowardly Clarke played for 0-0 draws every match, not interested in going for anything.

Backwards Scotland, as always.

And since then his stumbling mess of a Scotland bumbles from one mishap to another flatter of deception – what we saw v ROI was the real Steve Clarke Scotland.

He’s more interested in his job than actually winning, and has absolutely no passion for the team or the country.

He’s the worst kind of manager – someone who is scared.

And if Scotland are ever to make a major championships again, he cannot be the manager.

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  1. Just like septic in europe embarassing😂
    Clarke’s just another snp arselicker
    Couldny pick his nose
    Ignore the famous at your peril

  2. Said it before and will say again ,I would rather our players did not play for this mob for few reasons ,the treatment of gers players by their “supporters ” ? In the past.The sfa ,Clarke ,the fact everybody outside of gers fans here in the main celebrated Frankfurt win and last but not least the chance of our players getting injured /loss of form ,confidence playing for this woeful lot .

  3. How could I lend support to any Scotland team that typically starts with around 9 Celtic players, former Celtic players, or known Celtic fans managed by a known Rangers hater. Happy to hear they got beat ( I don’t watch), even happier that they were humiliated. The only “result” Clarke cares about is the one that affects his own record. As for success the way Scotland got to last years Euros was embarrassing having trailed around Europe failing miserably before getting there through various back doors. If you play the mighty Israel often enough you will eventually beat them.

  4. Scotland is in a mess, Clarke is useless,. while the snp has ran the country into the ground.

    Rangers are the shinning light in a country ruined by above.

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