Mystery over Barisic interview after ‘made up’ translation

Mystery over Barisic interview after ‘made up’ translation
France's forward Moussa Diaby (L) fights for the ball with Croatia's defender Borna Barisic during the UEFA Nations League - League A Group 1 football match between Croatia and France at Stadion Poljud in Split, on June 6, 2022. (Photo by FRANCK FIFE / AFP) (Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images)

There’s a bit of mystery today over a Borna Barisic interview given on European channel RTL in which he is claimed, by Scottish media, to have admitted he’s happy at Ibrox but is open to a potential transfer too.

Now, the reason for the mystery is that Barisic’s interview is ONLY available in video format – the Croat gave it as a TV interview to the German/Luxembourg media group and there was no written version of this story available in Croatia media.

So, unless the Scottish media got a friend in Croatia to listen and transcribe what he said (admittedly not impossible) we’re not sure where they got the translation from.

See, it’s one thing to just plug foreign language into Google Translate and get a flaky translation which probably isn’t that accurate, but it’s quite another to take the spoken word in video format and forge a translation from that.

And we’d be giving our lazy media a lot of credit suggesting they actually did their research and got a native Croat speaker to translate it accurately for them.

So we’re at a loss otherwise to understand where this translation came from, and we’d love to know how accurate it is.

We would also love to know what Borna actually said in the interview, because we sure don’t speak Croatian!

Answers on a postcard.

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  1. Does it really matter what he said. He’s reported as saying he’s happy at Rangers but would also be open to a sale. In other words “what will be will be” which seems to me a sensible approach to the unpredictability of being a footballer.

  2. Barasic like any other in the squad knows he’s up for sale at the right price. That will always be the case at a club like ours. Despite our recent increase in income, it is still vastly dwarfed by a lot of European clubs finances. However, being happy to stay and being told this is too good to turn down for the club are two totally different things. I’d love him to stay but again if the price is right and we have someone Gio wants lined up to take his place, it’s worth exploring.

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