Midfielder to choose PL over Rangers in latest development

Midfielder to choose PL over Rangers in latest development
PRESTON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 26: Joe Rothwell of Blackburn Rovers during the Sky Bet Championship match between Preston North End and Blackburn Rovers at Deepdale on October 26, 2019 in Preston, England. (Photo by Lewis Storey/Getty Images)

The story that Joe Rothwell, who we at Ibrox Noise aren’t interested in anyway, is likely to plump for promoted Forest over the Famous Glasgow Rangers only backs up our earlier piece about the PL and Diego Carlos’ comments once he joined Villa from Sevilla.

Rothwell, 27, is about as ordinary a midfielder as there is, and is little more than a journeyman player who hasn’t amounted to a whole lot in the game.

But it’s Forest’s supposed interest that shows how the PL has a pull Rangers simply can’t dream of, with wealth which eclipses what we can offer players and a standard of football way beyond our domestic league.

Of course we have European football, which is a BIG prize for so many players, especially Champions League if we negotiate the qualifiers successfully, and its pull cannot be underestimated.

But for UEL and UCL football weekly, which is what the PL pretty much amounts to, ergo over 40 matches in mostly packed huge stadiums is something Rangers can only partially boast.

And that Rothwell, whatever we think of his qualities as a footballer, would choose Forest over Rangers just reaffirms that pull of the PL over a much bigger club that Rangers are.

If a Brazilian star chooses Villa over Sevilla, it’s down to the league.

And Rangers just don’t have the league to compete.

Thankfully Rothwell isn’t someone we’re bothered about.

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  1. I think gio will look to holland and maybe some fringe ajax players with coaches at club ,we will get players the club REALLY wants ,pretty sure of this .
    Dumplings like this are doing the club a favour imo ,do not know why we even wasting time on guys like this if true ,just another sands type signing ,sign players to improve the team not just make squad bigger .

  2. Yes but Man Utd are in the same position with Den Haag at the same trick trawling the Dutch market for top players. It won’t be easy for Rangers to compete as they both know Dutch football so well. Hoping Rangers get one or two Gems from Holland.❤️⚽️💙👍

  3. Exactly, just like gerrard getting linked with loads of gers players ,he must have a chuckle now and then ,he can shop at some rather expensive boutiques now .

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