Martin Compston has nothing to do with Rangers

Martin Compston has nothing to do with Rangers
Rangers fans await kick off ahead of the UEFA Europa League Semi-final, second leg football match between Rangers and RB Leipzig at the Ibrox Stadium, in Glasgow, on May 5, 2022. (Photo by Oli SCARFF / AFP) (Photo by OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images)

There’s been a little bit on social media recently about the Martin Compston video where the actor, a known Celtic fan, is seen apparently upping the IRA in a jolly old sing song.

That it took about a day to hit the mainstream media is neither here nor there, the immediate reaction from some our most paranoid fans was to compare it to Donald Findlay and the fact he ended up spread all over the papers too.

That this one hadn’t had time yet to hit the press was neither here nor there, the reality is all about one upmanship and pointing the finger to avoid getting your own house in order, of which both Rangers and Celtic fans are often equally guilty.

But the real issue here is Compston’s own denial – despite visibly seen taking part, his claim was that he was singing the original proper lyrics and not the terrorist-loving stuff the rest apparently were.

His claim was that his being in Belfast so much and seeing the horrors of the past for himself he’d never lower himself to glorifying death and the IRA.

Whether that is true or not is on his conscience, it’s a pretty muddy video with a lot of fans singing so we can’t unequivocally tell what he’s singing, nor would it stand up in court any more than that altered Rangers players video of many months ago.

Our point?

Honestly – we just don’t care. The SNP introduced hate laws preventing bigotry, but completely ignored terrorist glorification. Both are equally awful and both need removed. Only one has a law demanding it is.

But we’re not going to sit here wasting our time judging what Compston may or may not have sung because we care more if Botheim is going to sign, or if Rangers are going to make the CL group stage.

All we care about is our club, but every now and then we are called to address the occasional issue in the other end of the city.

Pity really, because we’re just not that interested in them.

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  1. Well said IN ,”the wee man” really is an odious little charachter ,known for a while what he is and what he stands for ,hopefully his career over now .
    He can go back to greenock and on a street corner with his buckie and sing his “songs” till his hearts content .

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