He begged Rangers to sign him but has to go elsewhere

He begged Rangers to sign him but has to go elsewhere
DUNDEE, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 22: Benjamin Siegrist of Dundee United looks on during the Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership match between Dundee United and Celtic at Tannadice Park on August 22, 2020 in Dundee, Scotland. (Photo by Steve Welsh/Pool via Getty Images)

On looking at the big story tonight in Celtic signing ex-Rangers target Benjamin Siegrist, one cannot help feeling a little sorry for the Swiss stopper, who 100% wanted the Rangers move but the club didn’t approach him, leaving him no option but to go to Celtic instead.

Even his blurb, supposedly to their website (we saw it elsewhere) was amusing in a slightly ‘bitter’ way:

“Joe needs no introduction, Joe was a role model and he’s still is a role model for me. I want to learn as much as possible. But I want to compete, I want to push him, he’s certainly going to push me all the way.”

Change ‘Joe’ for ‘Allan’ and that’s what Ben wanted to being saying this summer.

It is a carbon copy of what he wanted to say this summer about Allan McGregor but had to alter the wording to suggest a Man City reject in the Mancini days was his absolute idol.

Ok that’s a little harsh, Hart has done a good job of, as far as we can tell, quietly getting on with his job, not giving the media lots of pro-Celtic anti-Rangers jibes and we admit he’s a decent stopper.

But Ben wanted Rangers.

He issued so many come and get me pleas to the club, but Gio wasn’t interested.

So now he has to make do with them lot.

Que sera.

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  1. Utter pish. You guys would have loved to have him as he’d go straight in as your #1 keeper. Players will always choose the big clubs over the almost trophy less newco’s…..

    • Rare to approve a tim on Ibrox Noise but had to address this. Absolutely, we’d have loved this goalie, nowhere in this article did we say we didn’t. He also wanted the move to Rangers, but our board didn’t want him. End of story.

  2. Yes unfortunate for the lad ,then again 50000 every other week would walk over glass to play for club ….but we just aint good enough .
    (plus we would be injured ) haha

  3. Looks like a mistake with McCrorie leaving. A goalie will now be needed and Siegrist was a safe pair of hands, low risk and lowish wages, a no brainer. It is a nightmare position to fill and even chucking big money at it can get you a Barkas.

  4. A safe pair of hands ? we need a bit better than that to replace a goalie of abilty of greegs ,pretty sure gio on to this ,colin away and concentrate on your own club .

  5. Utter rubbish the rangers couldn’t afford him even though he was a free agent insyead have given a 40 year old a 1 year contract. ha ha yous were so desperately banking on the cl money

    • Always seems so sad when a female comes on a Rangers site acting like this. All very wrong, my sympathies to you.

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