For the love of Rangers? The reasons Goldson REALLY stayed…

For the love of Rangers? The reasons Goldson REALLY stayed…
Goldson celebrates his new deal (Credit Rangers FC)

Connor Goldson has confirmed the reality of his decision to remain at Rangers, and admitted he decided as recently as Tuesday night to stay.

Admitting he was undecided pretty much up until his contract expired, Goldson indirectly confessed the reason he didn’t talk about his situation to the press and fans was because he didn’t know himself.

Anyone who thinks Goldson is and always was 100% committed to Rangers is wrong, and that’s ok, the reality of his decision came down to three key areas:

1: Winning. He admits he had to decide about staying or leaving, but he didn’t want to join a team that didn’t win. He’s used to winning matches and now trophies, and a relegation battle in the PL wasn’t for him.

2: Lack of offers from better teams. He didn’t say this one directly, but the offers from teams that he wanted down south never materialised. He could have waited, but he’d waited well over a year and it didn’t happen.

3: And the biggest one, 100% – his family. They are settled in Scotland, he is married with kids and he didn’t want to uproot them for anything less than a big move south. He’s well known to be a family man, and they are his priority. Not Rangers, not his work, but his family. That is also ok.

The extra bonus one is that Rangers have paid him a fair old chunk of change – best paid at the club? He’ll be one of, for sure.

End of the day the decision suits his family, him, and seems to suit Rangers too. Had a ‘better’ offer come in he’d have been off, but it didn’t. So he made the call on Tuesday to Gio and to Ross to tell them the news.

That’s about as factual as we can tell it. No judgements, no smears. It is what it is.

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  1. I think this shows why we will not get massive offers for our players ,as has been alluded to maguire ,bassaka etc have moved for massive money .We have here an ever present player ,impressive stats in EUL ,always fit ,reliable ,yet worryingly clubs were not falling over themselves to sign him ,even for free .
    However hes signed ,good business and hopefully bassey will stay and we can add much needed reinforcements with the 20-30 million gio possibly has .
    The future is bright ,the future is orange ! .

  2. Good to get him signed. It would’ve cost £3-5m to sign a replacement with big wages with no guarantee that he would’ve have fitted in.

  3. Really can’t see the point of this article. Why question any player’s reasons for signing a contract? We’re well used to the badge kissing, “supported them as a boy” etc statements but if anyone decides to sign for us for whatever personal reason they get my support. Well aware that big Connor isn’t everyone’s favourite (Ibrox Noise?), & often the fall guy (deservedly?) But in my opinion this needless article isn’t helpful, just gets the crowd on players’ backs

    • Thankfully unlike other Rangers websites Ian we give you the platform to air your view, even if you’d rather censor us.

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