Celtic meltdown as UEFA officially honour Rangers

Celtic meltdown as UEFA officially honour Rangers
An award from UEFA (Credit Rangers FC)

It’s taken us a little while to get to this one, but yes, UEFA, for their faults, and believe us, they’re endless, as the governing body of the European game, honoured Rangers for our 150th anniversary with a presentation and the club proudly displayed it on official channels.

Of course, the immediate response was from the vermin across the city who were desperate to get their oar in that Rangers are a 10-year old club, but that’s par for the course around these parts.

End of the day, we can’t stand them, we’ll bitterly oppose them, but UEFA ARE the governors of the sport in Europe and what they say goes, whether we like it or not, and their awarding us on the event of our 150th birthday is about as definitive as it gets.

Not that we need endorsement to prove anything, it’s just more the amusement of timmy melting down again at yet another authority giving Rangers credibility in any area.

Whether it’s our incredible achievements in Europe, our record-breaking trophy haul or the fact we’re now being honoured for our 150th by Aleksander Ceferin’s group, it’s just something else for others to get very upset by.

And that’s their prerogative.

We’ll just continue with being 150 thanks.

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