Bisgrove keen to move Rangers to London

Bisgrove keen to move Rangers to London
Bisgrove speaking at Scotland House.

Speculation is rife that commercial director James Bisgrove, Rangers’ genius for deals with companies to generate revenue for the club (he’s singlehandedly doubled Rangers’ revenue in one year) is planning to move the club’s operations to London where quite frankly all the business in Europe is.

The chief of Rangers’ marketing deals and partnerships with dozens of massive companies like Lucozade, Coca Cola, Cadbury’s and Molton Brown was speaking at Rangers’ 150th event in Scotland House last week when he detailed how vastly improved Rangers’ revenue now was, having exceeded the £28M target the club had following a tough Covid period.

But it was his very strong hints in that interview about wishing to relocate to London which were the biggest standout, because London is arguably the economic capital of the world, with only New York coming close, and its importance for successful business cannot be overstated.

As such, the potential for Bisgrove to take the company side of the club down south to run it out of London is massive, and the man himself is keen to implement it, even if he was only inferring it.

As Bisgrove said, most big PL sides not based in London (Man Utd, City, Liverpool) run themselves from London because that’s where all the opportunities are, and if Rangers in Bisgrove were to make that move south, there’s no question the deals would get bigger and the revenue streams more valuable.

We’re all for it.

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  1. Thats just not true about finance,french german italian clubs seem to pay out mega bucks for players not one of them have their heads of finance in london or new york..rangers are a scottish club.

    Let’s begin with the comment that completely shatters any sad illusions that The Famous Glasgow Rangers are a new club…..”COMPANY SIDE OF RANGERS”……… NAW, YA INBREED, at no time since 1872 has Glasgow Rangers Football Club “died”, AND WE NEVER WILL!!!! The “company side” of our club was criminally destroyed by idiots who took control …Craig Whyte and Charles Green (never a good colour scheme at Ibrox), and it was that, NOT the football club, which was subject to court injunctions, etc…. Sorry about that but I had to get that out…..BASTARDS!!!!
    Anyway, superbly well done James Bisgrove, what a fantastic achievement for the club, and I for one really hope you do take “THE COMPANY SIDE OF THE CLUB ” to London, as that would open up a multitude of hitherto unseen financial doors. Such a move should be seriously considered and also applauded…brilliant

  3. I don’t see any problem with this if the move is concerned with the financial side of the business alone.

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