Antonio Conte’s Spurs make move on key Rangers man

Antonio Conte’s Spurs make move on key Rangers man
Scoulding at Ibrox (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers’ chief scout Andy Scoulding’s exit to Spurs is something to note, but we’re not buying into the hype over the man’s performance.

The press are bigging him up as discovering Ryan Kent, Joe Aribo and Calvin Bassey, but this is not strictly accurate reporting.

Scoulding was the chief scout, the boss of the department. He had several people below him who did a tonne of legwork, and as then-boss Steven Gerrard and assistant Gary Mac said, the scouting was done as a team effort and everyone chipped in.

And there were a tonne of failures in there too. Itten, Hastie, Simpson, Ojo, Ejaria, we could rattle a list off the length of the continent of Africa and it still wouldn’t be complete.

And that continued in January with Ramsey, Diallo, Zukowski et al.

This is not to discredit Scoulding as junk – he wasn’t. He played his part in Steven Gerrard’s rebuild and it was a good enough job to secure 55. It was under his watch we found Kamara, Lundstram et al.

We’re not going to forget that.

But bigger men and more important men have come and gone than Andy Scoulding and while we wish him the best and have not a bad word to say about him as a professional, we will replace and we will move on as a club.

Rangers wait for no man.

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  1. Please stop referring to clubs by the manager (as the rest of the media), Conti’s Spurs.
    We were never Stephen Gerrard’s Rangers.
    Even Walter was never bigger than the club.

    • We’ll do what we like Tom. But we do agree, we were never indeed Stephen Gerrard’s Rangers.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. Scoulding ran the department that finds players. He can’t take the credit, or otherwise, for the players that the guys on the ground find. There will be another Scoulding. And can anyone really take credit for “finding” an established Premiership player like John Lundstram?

  3. He leaves with my blessing having been part of the team that has built the side that won 55 and gave us arguably one of our most exciting seasons of all time last year. However, it’s no surprise to me that he and some others are moving on. It’s key that Gio can bring in some of his own folk and Wilson will already have a list of replacements ready to offer continuity.

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