Anti-Rangers stance from Gerrard shocks Gers fans

Anti-Rangers stance from Gerrard shocks Gers fans
PARIS, FRANCE - MAY 28: Rio Ferdinand (obscured) and Steven Gerrard look on prior to the UEFA Champions League final match between Liverpool FC and Real Madrid at Stade de France on May 28, 2022 in Paris, France. (Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images)

Rangers fans today reacted in disappointment, and in places, disgust, over our story earlier about Steven Gerrard ‘blocking’ a move for Cameron Archer north, but opening the door for him to switch to the Championship.

We’re not absolutely sure why supporters were indeed disappointed, despite the acerbic tone in that particularly article, because Steven Gerrard, despite wanting us to win the Europa League final, isn’t one of us any more (if he ever was) and his loyalties are to Aston Villa.

See, we always kept quiet about our misgivings about Gerrard when we appointed him – as fans of Rangers we are always going to support the men in the blue, including those in the dugout, but we knew from many incidents in the past that Gerrard isn’t a particularly nice person and he’s more than capable of lying his backside off.

We naturally justified it because we’re Rangers fans, and that’s what you do, but a man who got off without a prison sentence for clear and visible assault in a pub isn’t really the type of man you want as Rangers manager.

And as manager? He gave us 55 but it cost the club £35M and 3 years.

Let’s not pretend he ‘stopped’ 10IAR, because it’s a falsity that to this day rankles us on Ibrox Noise.

The real truth? He nearly CAUSED 10IAR.

Celtic had 7, yes, SEVEN, when he joined, and even after £20M+ he still couldn’t take 55.

It wasn’t till 10 was now being threatened that Gerrard finally cracked it, or, we should say, Michael Beale finally cracked it, that Rangers stopped Gerrard’s damage from giving Celtic another title.

Sure, 9 was a farce, and was an invalid title for them, but it’s not the point.

Are we discrediting 55? No, never. It was still one of the most important titles in our history because it ended the domestic journey at long last.

But it wasn’t the sensational stopping of 10 it is deemed – it was Gerrard figuring it out after £35M spent and wasted trying for 24+ months to win something.

Are we bitter?

No, we’re thrilled with Gio as regulars will know and we were probably the happiest fans when he got the job, so it worked out wonderfully, so we’re really just saying stuff we’ve said before, and some things we wanted to but couldn’t – not till the rest of the fanbase finally started to see for themselves his real nature.

And the only way that was ever going to happen was an ugly exit followed by yet more lies exposed (we’re sure you saw the stuff about Clive Tyldesley accidentally confirming SG as a fibber) followed by the Rory Wilson stuff now Cameron Archer.

But sure, if some want to still think the man is a saint and one of us, far be it from us to dissuade you.

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  1. The welcome for him and the fanfare was well over the top ,I remember being embarrased by the 10000 or so to welcome him ,he was not playing ,or pep just a guy cutting his teeth up here till someone from england came .A youth coach that was all , I remember saying at time was not sure about him ,1 trophy later in 3 years ,I was not wrong .Spare me the drivel about stopping 10 iar christ surely we are bigger than that !! .
    They were dreadful under the ginger one almost handing it over ,we have a guy who has learned his trade in charge in a tough league and actually respects the club …in gio we trust ! .

    • Looking back it would have been much better to win the league in the last season.
      whatever in a row means nothing in the big picture.

      What does matter is European football at the highest level / cash.

    • How quickly we forget. For a Rangers fan to believe the rubbish pumped out of Parkhead that we won the 55 because it was handed to us is a disgrace. Let me remind you:
      We won 55 after playing 38 games undefeated.
      We won the league by 25 points.
      We won the league with 102 points, as top goal scorers, and with a goal difference of 30 over Celtic.
      We beat Celtic 3 times and drew the other.
      Celtic only lost 5 games during this so called collapse. The same number as when they last won the league in 2019 (partial season 2020 doesn’t really count).
      Had Celtic won another 8 games they STILL wouldn’t have won it.
      So don’t try to devalue the players success because it fits your agenda of trying to downplay the record of the manager.

  2. My point was about gerry and his abilities not downplaying winning a league ,you can only beat what is in front of you ,which wasnt much ,LEMON is joke manager and his celtic were crap ,well done rangers winning the league ,but I think we all know 1 trophy in 9 is nowhere near good enough at a club like rangers ,forget the stopping 10 iar talk ,immature nonsense from insular country ,look at big picture ,gerry a failure as RFC manager .
    PS celtic also won most of their leagues as gers in dissaray and not in league FACT .

    • Gerrard picked us up out of the gutter after the debacle of Pedro and Murty. We were so far behind Celtic I couldn’t see us win anything for 10 years. Hell we were even behind Aberdeen. How anyone expected us to win anything in his first season is beyond me. His second season I lived in hope rather than expectation. The truth is that we improved year on year and rebuilt our reputation in Europe. Sure everything didn’t always run perfectly and there were bumps in the road but our trajectory was always upwards. Then we had the miracle of 55 that gave me some of my finest moments as a Rangers fan. For that I will forever be grateful. Success takes effort, time and good fortune and Gerrard had to rebuild the club from the bottom but he left a legacy that Gio has picked up and ran with.

  3. So you think he was a good manager for rangers robrob ,fair enough ,I disagree ,it’s all about opinions at end of the day .I think gio is a better manager and we ended up doing rather well out the situation ,kinda like trading a VW for BMW time will tell .

  4. Disgusted with this article and the rubbish written about Stevie Gerrard.Shirt memories from you and some others when we beat Celtic the first time in 6/7 years, when we won 55 you were not writing rubbish then. This is the same rubbish the other side wrote when Rogers left in similar circumstances . Pandering to the minority proves your named well
    Noise being the operative word in your title.

    • Glad you’re disgusted James, if someone like you appreciated this article we’d be worried. Door’s that way mate!


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