£4.5M Sands to Rangers story is mischief-making

£4.5M Sands to Rangers story is mischief-making
LEIPZIG, GERMANY - APRIL 28: James Sands of Rangers warms up prior to the UEFA Europa League Semi Final Leg One match between RB Leipzig and Rangers at Football Arena Leipzig on April 28, 2022 in Leipzig, Germany. (Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Images)

There’s been some mischief-making by the Scottish press today over James Sands, the solid enough but deeply underwhelming defensive midfielder who arrived in January.

His tidy but forgettable play has been such a surreal addition to the club that rarely have we witnessed fans welcoming him either into the XI when seeing him make a rare start, or onto the pitch as a late sub.

This is nothing against the boy, he’s a decent fellow and Rangers is his first gig outside of his native USA, and for a young man as a fish out of water he’s done well to handle the big world of European football as well as the hatchet men of Scottish football.

But the headlines informing us, or heavily hinting anyway, that Rangers are to pay £4.5M to make his loan deal permanent are literally clickbait seeking the traffic.

Some website got an ‘MLS insider’ to tell the world what the alleged purchase price actually is, and said chap claimed Rangers will take it up.

Without a hint of actually knowing either fact for sure.

We at Ibrox Noise won’t pretend to be ITK on this one, unlike this American soccer fellow, but what we do know is that his performances thus far haven’t entirely merited a permanent purchase, and certainly not at the sum of £4.5M.

He’s here for sure until the end of the season – if he ups his game and becomes a major part of Giovanni’s Rangers, maybe, but right now it’s literal piffle.

As usual.

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  1. If Gio believed he was worth £4.5m then we are in trouble. I think there may be a decimal point in the wrong place and I wouldn’t want him still.

  2. If Gio sanctions a 4.5 million bid for this boy he will go from being a dutch genius to a puddin overninight in my eyes ! hahahaha NO CHANCE

  3. Young Sands is not worth that and I agree it’s probably pish papertalk. As far as his ability he has potential, he’s athletic but he’s lethargic and seems quite cumbersome. Let’s see what he looks like this season . But has not impressed me so far.

  4. If Gio decides to pay £4.5m for him then I’ll back him to the hilt, stop being so selective in praise for Gio,
    Lundstram was on the bin list in January
    Wright was on the receiving end of non stop negativity.

    Gio stood by them and was 100% right to do so.

    Our man knows what he is doing, leave him to it 😎

    • Whoever you are, I’ll assume this post isn’t aimed at Ibrox Noise because our praise is far from selective and we were the only Rangers fansite and group to back Lundstram from the start. Wright, is, however, pretty poor technically even if he has the energy of a gazelle and the heart of a lion. Gio uses him as he sees fit.

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