What awaits Rangers should they win in Seville

What awaits Rangers should they win in Seville
UEFA Europa League ambassador Frederic Kanoute holds the slip of Sevilla FC during the UEFA Europa League football cup round of 32 draw ceremony on December 16, 2019 in Nyon. (Photo by Fabrice COFFRINI / AFP) (Photo by FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP via Getty Images)

As Ibrox Noise’s Derek alluded to, not only do we have the insane prize of the biggest payday and glory in the history of Rangers FC to look forward to should we overcome Eintracht in 9 sleeps, not only that… but the bonus prize of, as he said, a massive second European final this summer against the mighty Liverpool should we take the spoils.

We’re not getting ahead of ourselves, we’re just saying what filthy lucre and privilege sits there for the winner in Seville, and by God we need it to be us.

If you had asked us at any time in the past few years how we’d feel playing a major European final against Liverpool, champions of Europe, we’d have suggested you needed to take your meds.

Of course, it may well be Real Madrid who prevail against Jurgen Klopp’s side, but that’s hardly a downgrade.

But the reality is, while we have a colossal final to face first, against Frankfurt, the winner on that day will be given the riches beyond that club’s wildest dreams – the sheer amount of prizes now for winning the Europa League are just insane.

And we need it to be us who takes them.

In order of prestige/importance:

A place in the lucrative Super Cup Final v CL winner
The chance of WINNING that.
A prize of £20M for winning the UEL
The first Scottish club to win Europe’s second-biggest European trophy
The first Scottish club to contest the Super Cup Final
A guaranteed place in the CL group stage for next season
The circa £50M alone that goes with that

Maybe you disagree with the order, who actually cares!

What can we say, the spoils on offer for taking the prize a week on Wednesday would change Rangers forever – it’s seismic beyond compare.

And it would be the biggest thing to happen to our club ever.

All we have to do is win one more time…

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  1. While technically true that no Scottish clubs have competed in the UEFA Super Cup Rangers did play European Cup winners Ajax in January 1973 in the first ever “Super Cup”. It was not officially sanctioned by UEFA but they thought it was a good enough idea to start their own Super Cup the following year.
    The matches were to end in disappointment losing both home and away to the fantastic Ajax team led by the brilliant Johan Cruyff.

  2. Yes it would be massive for our club fot the 1st Scottish football club to play in the super Cup not to mention we would be the 1St Scottish club to win the 2nd biggest European competition and also we would be in pot 1 wae the likes of real Madrid, man City,Liverpool bayern Munich and the mo ey involved would let gio and his staff to bring in quality players who would make our team even stronger


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