This will not be a popular article, and we make no apology for it

This will not be a popular article, and we make no apology for it
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MAY 05: Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Manager of Rangers celebrates after victory in the UEFA Europa League Semi Final Leg Two match between Rangers and RB Leipzig at Ibrox Stadium on May 05, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

This is going to be a hard-hitting article, and we make no apology for it. We are all on cloud 9 of what Rangers have achieved this past little while, but Ibrox Noise is going to be honest with all of you:

Some Rangers ‘fans’ do not deserve to celebrate the joy of what we’re going through right now.

We are going to call out the non-supporters who called for Gio’s head in February after Parkhead, the ones who not only called for him to be fired but claimed they’d ‘never wanted him in the first place and they’d ‘known’ he was the wrong choice’.

These ‘fans’ were VERY loud on our social platforms and others, and they absolutely deserve to be called out on it.

Now, we’re not calling out those who criticised Gio for getting Parkhead so wrong, because we were among them. He got some things wrong that day, and we will hold managers and players to account as much as we will praise them. But we backed him to learn, as quite a few did.

No, we’re calling out them. Those ‘fans’ who ‘knew they were right about Gio’ and the board were ‘absolutely wrong’ to appoint him. Oh and he was a ‘rushed’ appointment. Those ones who abused us for calling them out for not supporting Gio, for not backing the manager.

A lot of know it alls who knew better than everyone else.

Now, we say this with a caveat – in the emotion of a bad result, some bad things can be said. We understand that, and we’re with you on that. The difference is when weeks later said individuals are still persisting with the Gio Out talk and reckoning they were right all along.

Despite the fact we just beat Dortmund.

No, if you can look yourself in the mirror, and you wanted Gio fired in February and ‘knew’ he was the wrong appointment, fair play. If you’d got what you wanted we would not be in the Scottish Cup final and we wouldn’t as hell be in the UEL Final.

And if that is clear on your conscience, so be it.

But you don’t really deserve to be part of this party now.

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  1. Agree 100% , it’s hard to be a Rangers person, but there has to believe and loyalty. GvB has made some early mistakes , but the rest is there for all to see. He knows this club , look at the Jimmy Bell video . Gerrard would not do this. 55 was won brilliantly to prevent 9-5 *, however he had pinnacled , no cups and far as he was going to go in Europe . GVB on you go to our destiny please.

    • Gio made some howlers, no question, and he rightly deserved criticism for that first half at Parkhead (second half was good, easily forgotten that). But he learned and grew and look at us now. But a STRONG section of the ‘support’ wanted him gone for that. We’ll never forget it.

      • I agree , there are those amongst us the are too quick to condemn and criticise. They are still Rangers people whether we like it or not, let’s hope they feel embarrassed and big enough to admit they were wrong.

  2. Well said – I’ve been a Rangers man for 60 years and I have NEVER heard such a fickle, whining, & unrealistic core element of our fan base. Too many of us tend to demand success . . . . IMMEDIATELY . . . And expect the team to stroll through the season winning every game.
    It’s time EVERY Rangers supporter should be bursting with pride at the way we have performed this season – I know I am! 💙WATP

    • Correct William – this drew a very positive response (we were surprised tbh) from about 90% of the audience, but 10%, the ones who wanted Gio’s head, were very angry and deliberately misrepresented the article in protest at its content. The most common thing they said was ‘we’ve a right to a different opinion to you’ which really missed the point entirely. They are right, they are allowed a different opinion, but unfortunately that different opinion in this case suggests they’re not proper Rangers fans.

  3. A bit harsh I.N any Rangers fan that stuck by the club since the the terrible times in 2012 are entitled to their piece good or bad about what goes on/in our club,
    Gio has done a great job yes with the players Gerrard brought in

    • Not harsh Benny, if you or anyone else demanded Gio’s head after 3 months and can look in the mirror today with a clear conscience, good for you. That’s our point. Back the manager. Even we never stopped backing Gerrard, even if we were critical of his management at times.

  4. Shit looks like av been demoted to ibrox news👅😂

  5. If we’ve learned anything in the last few years surely it must be give people a chance. It turned out Barisic wasn’t a waste of money, actually Tavernier has got something about him, maybe Kent WAS worth -7.5m, Kamara wasn’t a £50k dud who couldn’t get into the Dundee team, Davis wasn’t too old, Alan McGregor wasn’t finished, Bassey didn’t need to driven back to Leicester and Lundstram isn’t a donkey. Come on guys get behind the manager and the team and accept the highs and the lows.
    On another topic IN can you please use this platform to PLEAD with our fans to behave in Seville and encourage others around them to do likewise. Can we just go to a European final and ENJOY ourselves. If not, you know the Spanish police and the Scottish media are lying in wait.

  6. Well said andca fantastic article. To many so called supporters down cry our team at the drop of a hat. We are not Celtic and under no circumstances should behave like them.

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